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Maya Lassiter...teaching supernatural folk they don't HAVE to be loners since 2000.

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Gonzo domestic life, writing crap, reviews. We've got it all.

i knit so i don’t kill people

Stress is the new smoking.  Or maybe sitting is the new smoking.  Or sugar.  Or,…

ashtanga yoga after 45…lessons learned after seven years of near daily home practice. PART 1

I started my home Ashtanga practice when I was 38, seven years ago, holy balls,…

the bedroom is done! Or, what it feels like to finish building your own house, finally, after a decade of work

Last week, we moved into the bedroom.  (Pics below!) In order to really understand this…

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About the Author

beachphotoMAYA LASSITER is a contemporary fantasy novelist.  She writes about supernatural people struggling with their unique weirdnesses, while complicated and demanding family, friends, and lovers get all up in their business and make life troublesome.  Imagine if lit-fic and urban fantasy had a love child that likes to hang out and crack up with her friends. 

Maya is also an unschooling mom, a yogini, a former goat keeper, a yurt dweller, and an all-around cool person. (Except when she's a boring ninny. Hopefully she won't post on those days.)  Her stories have been published in Realms of Fantasy, and she has an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.  Please feel free to drop her a line.  She'd love to hear from you.