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Maya Lassiter...teaching supernatural folk they don't HAVE to be loners since 2000.

1Ghost Fugue Working Version for three voices
Creature of Dreams cover 400
Toby cover refreshed 400
Children of the Fallen cover 500

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Gonzo domestic life, writing crap, reviews. We've got it all.

2015 swimming

deep in the heart of summer

We're cooking now, boy.  Daily swimming, lying around in the air conditioning reading fat books…

girl with all the gifts

review: The Girl With All the Gifts

For a long time, zombie stories focused on the human survivors trying to get out…

you have been hacked

mayaland was hacked!

Honestly, why would anyone bother?  And who are these people?  It's baffling. But yes my…

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beachphotoMAYA LASSITER is a writer of contemporary fantasy novels, an unschooling mom, a yogini, a former goat keeper, a yurt dweller, and an all-around cool person. Except when she's a boring ninny. Hopefully she won't post on those days.