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conjuring raine is DONE

I just finished yesterday, the last podcast has been edited, mixed, given intros and outros, ID tags, turned into an mp3, etc etc.


(It’s not up for y’all yet, I’ll post it today—no, I’m not going to make you wait for Friday—and it might show up tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how quickly podiobooks updates.)

The end of a big project is always a surprise.  I can’t believe I did it, honestly.  The newness of the idea—how about podcasting one of my novels?—still feels pretty new.  I bought the mic in mid-March, so that’s five months ago—five months!—but it has gone by in a blur.  And now it’s done.  Complete.  Podcast a novel: check.  This is so weird.  The time between idea conception and completion just…collapsed.

Anyway, I really hope y’all like the big finale.  It’s a bit long, 45 minutes, but it didn’t seem right to cut the last arc into pieces.  Look for it tomorrow!  If you’ve been listening all along and like what you’ve heard, consider leaving a review over at podiobooks.  I know I’m encouraged to try things when lots of other folks have reviewed it and and said it’s worth my time.

I have had such a good time with this whole project.  Podcasting a novel turns out to have been a very postivite experience, not in small part because of all you great listeners who have been cheering me on.

So, with that giant creative project in the can, I now give my full attention back to my current novel revision.  Will this novel ever be finished?  I started it a little over a year ago.  I don’t even have a title for it yet….

allergies suck, podcasting, movies…basically a mayaland grab bag of a post

Excuses: I had the weirdest, sudden, extreme allergy attack this weekend.  Came on as exhaustion, culminated in 36 hours of non-stop sneeze attacks, drip drip drip runny nose, and super intense itchy eyes and palate.  And now it seems to be 90% gone.  Sources say the plantains have just bloomed—could I have a weird and intense allergy to plantains?  Dunno.  But the upshot of all of this is that I apparently have had no interesting (read: blog worthy) thoughts for days and days.  I’ve just been slogging through the tissue box, feeling swelled up and itchy and miserable.  Poor, poor me.

In lieu of a coherent blog post, here are some random thoughts pinging around in my head that, while not quite adding up to a blog post singularly, might, in list form:

I went in to edit episode 16 of Conjuring Raine and found that I really didn’t care for how my voice sounded.  I sounded so awake.  And sharp somehow, kind of…zingy.  Then remembered that I had recorded it in the afternoon, after coffee and driving and normal kidemonium, instead of at my usual quiet, half-asleep, 5 in the morning.  Time of day has a big impact on voice.  Well, duh, but damn.  I’m going to have to re-record, I think.  Oh, and I rewrote the ending again.  That will be about five times.

Thank you everyone who has been leaving me such wonderful comments, by the way!  I really, really appreciate it, and the ones on the podiobooks site might help other people decide to try the book out, too, so double thank you.  Over 8000 downloads of the various eps so far!

Let’s see.  Goat babies are fine, growing, integrated in with the other goats (finally) and seem to have acquired names.  Sam and Sally.  Although Sally is sometimes also called Zippy.  On account of how she zips around, of course.  Soon we have to start thinking about selling them.  Sob!

What else?  Well, we’ve been really looking forward to the Last Airbender movie (you might recall what huge fans we are of the show) but the weirdly negative reviews have dimmed our enthusiasm.  7% on RottenTomatoes.com?  How is that even possible?  The vitriol this movie has accreted is like a farce, or some paranormal curse on M. Night’s head, I mean, these are the worst reviews I have ever read.  How could it really be that bad, when it comes from something so good, and the previews look totally cool?  It’s like M. Night is paying some debt to the devil or something.  Now the bad reviews are starting to have the reverse effect: they’re making me want to go see it just to find out what the fuss is all about.

But while M. Night pays off his bargain with the devil, Stephanie Meyers continues to reap the gains from hers.  Instead of Airbender, I went to see Eclipse.  I actually really liked it.  Somehow the screenwriter has written about 90% of the stupid out of the book, leaving all the good bits.  Also, Bella actually takes some actions in this version, instead of being this passive whiner all the time.  And they finally got Edward’s make-up right.  Oh, and there were no laugh-for-the-wrong-reason moments like that silly future-vision scene in New Moon, or the painfully awful hospital bed freak-out scene in Twilight.  Good job David Slade and Co!  My only complaint was Victoria.  I love Bryce, I really do.  For me, she was terrific in The Village, and Lady in the Water, and I know everyone complains about both of those movies, but I loved them, so sue me (what is it reviewers have against Night, anyway?)—but she didn’t work for me as Victoria.   Maybe it was the strange shape of her hair?  I wanted to like Bryce in the role, but Rachelle Lefevre was just…better.  Sorry, Bryce, but there it is.

Oh, have you read Angry White Pajamas?  Terrific book about a white poet going in for a year of brutal marital arts training in Japan. Makes me glad I do yoga.  You can’t beat someone up with it, but you don’t rub all the skin off your knees or get your arm broken by a vindictive teacher, either.  Recommended read, especially if you like travel lit.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Hmmm. Random thoughts don’t add up to much, even in a list.  Ping, pong, this, that, oh and some of this other thing, what was I saying?  This is what the inside of my head has been like—achoo!

Ah well, maybe now that I’m not sneezing as often as breathing, I’ll be able to have a coherent stream of thoughts about something again.

I hope.

podcast friday!

I have been so busy this week! New baby goats to tame, taking the kids to this awesome day camp that they love (but it’s a half hour of driving each way, twice a day, yikes). But the main thing has been that my most wonderful friend, Priscilla, came down to visit for a few days—we talk on the phone all the time but the last time I saw her in person was two freaking years ago, omg time flies. So I just let everything go for the time she was here, no laundry, no yoga, no blog, etc. and instead we swam in the pond and talked non-stop for about fifty hours. I just adore her.

I did manage to upload the next episode of Conjuring Raine, though, and so I’m here to report that episode 11 is LIVE. Woo hoo!


(Over 6000 downloads of 11 episodes now, wow!  Over 1000 downloads of episode 01.  Tremendous!)

more stats—4500 downloads!

So, duh, I just re-found the stats page over at libsyn (that’s the people that host the audio files for Conjuring Raine). As I mentioned before, I have well over a hundred subscribers (woo hoo!), but lots of people listen without subscribing. And now that I re-found that page, I’m realizing it’s a LOT of people. As in, 4500 downloads of the 9 episodes! So, maybe 500 people! Even accounting for a bunch of folks falling off, that is, if they start listening but it isn’t for them and so they don’t come back…that’s maybe 300-400 people listening to my book!

Pardon me while I go lie down.


Hello all you good people! Welcome to my brain!

Slight spoiler: I just recorded a sex scene—that’s right, Raine and Joshua get it on, aren’t you shocked? But here’s the thing—I managed NOT to titter and giggle like a school girl while I read it. So there! I’m like Peggy Hill trying to train herself to teach sex ed by saying pen is, as in, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Pen…Is. Pen..Is. Pen.Is. Penis. Penis! There! I said it!

Typing this stuff is a heck of a lot different from SAYING IT OUTLOUD INTO A MIC. And reading it with gusto is, you know, a whole order of magnitude trickier.

But I did it, it’s in the can, stay tuned….

episode 06 is up

A week has gone by and over 70 people have subscribed to Raine!  HOLY COW!  That doesn’t even include the people who are streaming it from the site.  This is so amazing to me!  And thanks everyone who has sent me such wonderful feedback.  Anyway, the next episode is up on podiobooks, if you are subscribed, itunes (or your equivalent) will automatically download it the next time you open itunes and go online.  I’ll go over and put a streaming link on the Conjuring Raine page now.  Enjoy!  Episode six has one of my favorite scenes in it, I hope y’all like it.  And tune in next week for episode 7….

ETA: I put a little behind-the-scenes bit up on the Raine site that might be of interest.  It’s on the episodes page.

podcast panic attack

So.  I have recorded, edited, and mixed (that is, added intros and outros, bed music, etc. don’t you just love me using all this jargon?  doesn’t it make me sound like I know what I’m doing?  HAHAHAHA!) episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of my proposed and supposedly forthcoming, podcasted, serialized novel.


The other day I clicked accidentally on one of the icons on my desktop and episode three inexplicably started playing outloud over the speakers on my macbook while a friend was in the yurt, and I nearly broke a finger in my frenzy to to click that puppy OFF.  I stood there thinking—if I’m having a freak out over my FRIEND hearing this, how the heck am I going to put it on the INTERNET??

It’s a problem.

I’m working on it.

By breathing into a paper bag.

I think it’s just the equivalent of stage fright, right?  You just suck it up.  Get out there.  Do your thing.  If you fall on your face, fine. Cool.  Do the next thing.


But then this morning I was working on recording chapter seven and found myself really enjoying a certain scene, I was laughing, getting a kick out of—and I thought, crap, I should put this scene in the first chapter, this is a great scene!

Um…. No.

But I felt glad that I was enjoying it.  At least I know that one bit doesn’t suck.

It’s good to challenge one’s self.  Right?

As a tease, here is the cover:

If I can get over my panic attack, I hope to be posting episodes fairly soon….