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happy halloween!

Every year our country neighbors go ALL OUT in the Halloween decorations department and come up with yet another crazy taleau of scary goodness for all to see. This year was no exception!  If this is your first time seeing this stuff, use the Halloween tag to go back to previous years, you will not be disappointed.

This year we have a lovely trip to university, Ivy League no less…

It’s hard to see but this guy has a never-ending stream of drool (water) flowing down his mouth, super gross, and the cat on the side there is wearing a graduation cap while it consumes the rat.

I know the feeling, guys.

Dorm living!  And below is his roommate….

The Chem class was REALLY REALLY gross up close.

The whole house gets the treatment….

Yeah, I don’t want his job.

This gal’s name tag says “Recruitment”

Hard to see in the photo, but he bowls are full of ears and hands and and hearts.  UGH.


I love the LOL on this guy.  Such a friendly fellow!

This last fellow was about 10 feet tall!

Happy Halloween!


beware the haunted bus

You might recall we bought a 68 Chevy short bus this summer.  Well…we have reason to believe it’s…haunted.

I mean, look who is driving it.

Here, he’ll open the door for you.  Go on in.  Maybe.

The greeters…

Some of the other passengers….



Some are, perhaps, not as tough as they first seem….

…but watch out, someone seems to have taken up residence in the back seat.

Care for some candy corn?

Of course there is an area for the differently-abled to park their…parts.

The last driver…

Don’t look back… (is that a dinosaur?)

The last owner…

Should we call an exorcist?  (Or just throw a party?)

zombies in paris!

Every year our country neighbors do the most amazing, hilarious, shocking Halloween decorations ever, and I swear, every year I think, how can they possible do anything new, they’ve done everything, but they always pull it off, proving that I have a stunning lack of imagination for a fantasy novelist, I mean, for gods sake, right?

This year is no different.  Who would have thought zombies in Paris could be so funny?  Without further ado….

The Awful Tower!  Luc used to think that’s what it’s really called, no kidding!

They look so happy, biking along the Seine…

Can you see the angry zombie snail, I mean escargot, beside the sign?  Like the zombie version of Gary from Spongebob…

Don’t want to visit this establishment, that’s for damn sure.

Goodness!  The service is terrible here!

I love how this fellow still has his camera….

This had running water, I mean wine, pouring from the bottles down through the skeletons and into the vats.  Impressive!

…and rats!  Even the rats in Paris drink the wine.  That is wine, right?

Jack, the headless horseman…and the crooked shutters on the house…

This guy was rocking back and forth in agitation.  His book is called the Bleeder’s Digest.

Camera op!

I think I’ve been to this spa.

This guy peeked his head out of the toilet every couple of seconds.  The kids thought he was hilarious.

I  love the cat’s little beret.  Or is that blood?


Would you trust your future to this, um, person?

Well, what has this guy got to lose, right?

Love these toenails!  So gross!


best halloween decorations evah

Last Halloween, I posted about our marvelous neighbors (‘neighbor’ in rural-speak can be anyone within a 10 mile radius) who go nuts with their spooky decorations each year.  Have I mentioned how much I love these sick and demented people?

This year’s theme was Toxic Waste.

We begin our tour where else? In the Cemetery.

It seems a terrible toxic spill has awakened the dead.


The kids must have said the hotdog joke a hundred times in the last 48 hours.

They do grow so fast….

Here is the home of this sick and twisted and wonderful family.  How do they find the time?

Tour taking too long?  Need a snack?

Or perhaps you care for something more organic?  Try the local farmer’s market…

…or maybe not.

I’m glad I don’t send the kids here:

Or maybe you’d like a doughnut?

Move along, move along, nothing to see here….

My personal favorite:

happy halloween!

I’ve posted before about our crazy-down-the-road neighbors who dude up their house for Halloween every year like nobody’s business. This year is no exception! 2009’s theme is Zombies, particularly Decapitated Zombies who are Carrying Their Own Heads, and, oddly, these are a special subset who have their brains resting right on their shoulders. Apparently carrying one’s head in this way is all the rage in zombie fashion this season, or so I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know personally, of course, as I am not a zombie.

Lo! Zombie’s playing football!

See what I mean about the head-holding?

Actually, this is totally gross. I’m glad I’m not a zombie.

But wait! There’s more!

This one speaks for itself, doesn’t it?


This is taking dieting too far.

But you can’t have a Zombie Halloween Extravaganza without live music, am I right? Okay, not live music, but, you know what I mean.

How about a zombie lounge singer?

And her back up band?

Remember: ALWAYS have a Zombie Contingency Plan.

Happy Halloween!

jack-o-lantern valhala

There is a bridge nearby, an old one-lane bridge, where they do all these festivals and celebrations throughout the year. For Halloween, it is an amazing tunnel of jack-o-lanterns.

This picture gives an idea of it…

Spooky! Cool! The black space there is just JAMMED with people in costumes, touring the show. It’s like walking down a gallery of spirit people, watching you.

But first, here we are, getting ready for a rousing round of trick or treating!

Luc was a little shy about getting into his costume and somehow we missed getting a picture of him in it! Drat. But he’s still cute.

Okay, fast forward and we’re loaded up with candy and entering the Hall of Jack-o-lanterns. Here’s a tour of some of the best–but remember there were probably a hundred jack-o-lanterns or more. Tons of faces and pictures, classic and crazy. These are just a few of the many. Sorry some are kind of blurry. (I was pretty impressed, actually, that my camera caught any of it as well as it did.)

That one is the Rat King…can you see it?

This one was an amazing fish…Sophie’s head is blocking part…ooops.


world’s best halloween decorations!

Yesterday I showed you our neighbor’s Halloween creations from last year. Today we have the promised pics of THIS year’s spooky masterpieces…

First, the big picture.

hallow 16.jpg

Here are some of the floating ghost people. Poor suffering things.

hallow 10.jpg

And a little social commentary:

hallow 7.jpg

Can you see the giant spiders eating that person who is hanging out of the house window in the background?

Next we have the Zoo of Eternal Doom.

hallow 2.jpg

hallow 3.jpg

hallow 4.jpg

There is also a theme, this year, of the Young Grim Reaper’s childish exploits. Here we have an accidental beheading in school. Oops!

hallow 5.jpg

And the resulting Time Out Chair.

hallow 6.jpg

Here is a more pleasant moment for our Young Grim Reaper, a Ghoulish Sleepover.

hallow 9.jpg

Like the snack food? Kentucky Fried Fingers. Yum!

hallow 8.jpg

Can’t forget class pictures…

hallow 11.jpg

hallow 12.jpg

And some fellow classmates….

hallow 13.jpg

hallow 14.jpg

Last, but not least, Young Grim Reaper’s favorite, practical jokes. Here Grim is putting a human baby down the pants of the class werewolf. Ahh, boys will be boys.

hallow 17.jpg

Happy Halloween!

hallow 1.jpg

with neighbors like these….

Our neighbors down the street go crazy for Halloween. It’s fantastic. These pictures are from LAST year’s extravaganza. I’ll post some pics of this year’s, completely different, spooky display tomorrow.

Yes, this is all in their front yard!

These are from the ‘book club’. The yellow book is “How to be Less Dumber.”

This book is “When Your Husband Has Breath From Hades.”

This fellow’s book is called “The Miracle Diet.” Liposuction just isn’t going to cut it for him.

Check out their house in the background—the shutters are all crooked and bodies are falling out of the windows!

Here is some Hellacious Health Care.

Here we have the Creepy Little Creature Daycare. I’m signing my kids up right away.

Catch of the day See-food restaurant.

This poor guy has gone to Charlotte’s Web Hair Salon. Behind him the sign says, “Ask us about Waxing!”

The Pet Store. Of course.

And every hell village needs a water treatment plant.