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podcast friday!

I have been so busy this week! New baby goats to tame, taking the kids to this awesome day camp that they love (but it’s a half hour of driving each way, twice a day, yikes). But the main thing has been that my most wonderful friend, Priscilla, came down to visit for a few days—we talk on the phone all the time but the last time I saw her in person was two freaking years ago, omg time flies. So I just let everything go for the time she was here, no laundry, no yoga, no blog, etc. and instead we swam in the pond and talked non-stop for about fifty hours. I just adore her.

I did manage to upload the next episode of Conjuring Raine, though, and so I’m here to report that episode 11 is LIVE. Woo hoo!


(Over 6000 downloads of 11 episodes now, wow!  Over 1000 downloads of episode 01.  Tremendous!)

more stats—4500 downloads!

So, duh, I just re-found the stats page over at libsyn (that’s the people that host the audio files for Conjuring Raine). As I mentioned before, I have well over a hundred subscribers (woo hoo!), but lots of people listen without subscribing. And now that I re-found that page, I’m realizing it’s a LOT of people. As in, 4500 downloads of the 9 episodes! So, maybe 500 people! Even accounting for a bunch of folks falling off, that is, if they start listening but it isn’t for them and so they don’t come back…that’s maybe 300-400 people listening to my book!

Pardon me while I go lie down.


Hello all you good people! Welcome to my brain!

Slight spoiler: I just recorded a sex scene—that’s right, Raine and Joshua get it on, aren’t you shocked? But here’s the thing—I managed NOT to titter and giggle like a school girl while I read it. So there! I’m like Peggy Hill trying to train herself to teach sex ed by saying pen is, as in, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Pen…Is. Pen..Is. Pen.Is. Penis. Penis! There! I said it!

Typing this stuff is a heck of a lot different from SAYING IT OUTLOUD INTO A MIC. And reading it with gusto is, you know, a whole order of magnitude trickier.

But I did it, it’s in the can, stay tuned….

podcast friday

Episode 09 of Conjuring Raine is LIVE.  Number 09 marks the halfway point—wow I can’t believe how quickly we got here!  Nine more episodes to go….

And hey, I noticed today that Raine is #2 on the most popular, top 10 most-downloaded-this-month, list!  Wow!  I am thrilled!

Click here for the podiobooks Conjuring Raine site to listen or subscribe, or here for my Raine site where you can do the same.  Enjoy!

(I just remembered that I dreamed last night that I suddenly realized I had written two books with a main character named Rain/e and I was feeling all embarrassed about it.  What the heck does THAT mean?)

episode 06 is up

A week has gone by and over 70 people have subscribed to Raine!  HOLY COW!  That doesn’t even include the people who are streaming it from the site.  This is so amazing to me!  And thanks everyone who has sent me such wonderful feedback.  Anyway, the next episode is up on podiobooks, if you are subscribed, itunes (or your equivalent) will automatically download it the next time you open itunes and go online.  I’ll go over and put a streaming link on the Conjuring Raine page now.  Enjoy!  Episode six has one of my favorite scenes in it, I hope y’all like it.  And tune in next week for episode 7….

ETA: I put a little behind-the-scenes bit up on the Raine site that might be of interest.  It’s on the episodes page.

conjuring raine podcast is live!

Holy crap, I’ve really done it!  The first five episodes (of 18) are live at podiobooks!  For those of you who are interested in some audio-vampire-action, today is your lucky day.  I will be adding (at least) one episode a week until I’m out.  You can go here to see the podiobooks page and subscribe (via itunes, zune, whathaveyou), and I will be putting links on the Conjuring Raine site as well.  Subscribe, subscribe, all the cool kids are doing it!  You can also see the blog post on the podiobooks blog here (comments there are welcome).  (And while we’re in parenthetical space, I’m still conflicted about this double site idea, the mayaland site and the Conjuring Raine site.  I may fold that one into this one.  Feel free to weigh in.)  Anyway, once you subscribe, itunes (or your podcatcher of choice) will automatically get each new episode as I post them, isn’t that cool?  I’ll put little notices up when there are new eps, as well, for those of you streaming rather than downloading.  Please, please, if you’re listening along and there is some mess up in the recording, let me know so I can fix it.  And I LOVE COMMENTS.  If you like what you hear, of if you don’t, leave comments on podiobooks, or here, or on the Raine site, or all of the above.  I’d love to hear from you!  (Sheesh, I am so jittery!  I can’t stop with the exclamation points!!!)

raine release date, May 14!

Holy cow, it’s really happening.  I have done the back-end hoop jumping, i-dotting, uploading, and the podiobooks official release date for Conjuring Raine is May 14. Woo hoo!  If I understand correctly, the first five episodes will be available then for podcast downloads on your schedule, and/or streaming.  I will then be posting a new episode each week, on Friday, starting with episode 6 on Friday May 21, until it’s done.  This calls for some chocolate, don’t you think?