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birthdays and ten years fly by, ZIP, don’t blink!

Back in the middle of all that snow at the end of February, I turned 44 and on the same day, Sophie turned 11.  Some nice number palindromes there, plus I was exactly four times her age.  We had to postpone our party twice due to snow, but we finally got some friends and family together to celebrate, yay!  Luc and I baked the cake—he is becoming quite the baker, studying with the master, his Great Aunt Carroll.  Here’s my girl and I, plus Luc’s cake:

birthday 44 and 11

After the party, for fun we took a picture of Sophie in one of my old baby carriers.  I was totally into carrying my babies and had a ton of wraps, I’ve gotten rid of most of them, but some I just can’t part with… and I can still do it!  For a few minutes anyway.

sophie in carrier 44 and 11Isn’t she cute???  So HUGE.  For comparison, here we are ten years ago:

sophie in carrier 1 and 35I’m super preggo with Luc in that one.  We were just about to move into the yurt.  I had just finished my first novel.  It’s gone by so fast.

In another ten years maybe we’ll take a picture of Sophie carrying me in the wrap!

lordy, lordy, maya is 40

… and Sophie is seven.  Seven!  Forty!  How has this happened?

Luc helped with the wish-blowing.  Sophie had on a fabulous hat and a purple boa.  My mom made her wonderful cheesecake.  All this after a huge sushi feast with all the aunts and uncles and great-grandmothers, which I might have a photo of later (I forgot my camera battery—DOH) if someone else took one.  Cross your fingers because that sushi platter was amazingly gorgeous.

Happy birthday to us!  And may I say, having Sophie seven years ago was my best birthday present EVER.

animals everywhere

I caught this happening outside yesterday morning and ran to get the camera.

What are they doing?  Reenacting some animalistic cave-dweller scene?  It was very purposeful and ritualistic whatever it was.  It had lines and specific poses.  It had a soundtrack.

I can’t tell you how much I love eavesdropping on their games.

Here is a close-up of Luc in his…costume?  Outfit?  What do you call this?

Here is the audience.  No, he still doesn’t have a name, what is the matter with us???  We’ve had him a week already and still no name, but he must be growing fast because he already doesn’t look this small.  It all goes by so fast.

Later that day, a girl and her dog, a dog and his girl….

Turns out integrating a new animal into our group is pretty easy.  Maybe because we already have so many. Animals have such a different sort of consciousness, so in the moment.  I’m amazed at how quickly this little guy has taken to us and our weird ways, no apparent mourning for his loss, instead he seems to have adopted us completely, bossing us around, and generally pleased with himself.  His favorite thing is chewing pine cones, go figure.  I guess everyone needs a hobby.

And finally, you should have seen how we turned into animals when we were served THIS gorgeous thing today….

….for Luc’s birthday!  He’s FIVE today.  I can’t believe it.  His choice of restaurant.  He wanted a sushi platter to end all sushi platters.  Fifteen minutes later, it was all gone.  You’ll notice one is already missing from the symmetry of the design.  Luc couldn’t wait for the photo.  He loves him some sushi.

We’re all animals, we’re all aging and dying, time is passing.  So, as my Great Aunt Flootie used to say (yes, I had a Great Aunt Flootie):

Have fun every chance you get.

birthdays of the future

Yesterday I turned 39. Today, Sophie turns 6. Six years ago, she was, by far, the best birthday present I have ever gotten. Or probably ever will.

But wow, hey, forty is looming, right? 364 days away. A friend asked me how I was doing facing it, and oddly, I realized I really feel okay about forty. I have often, for whatever reason, had friends who were older than I, and so have known many wonderful, amazing, talented, smoking hawt, 40 year old women, blazing the trail in my mind for 40 as Not An Age To Be Feared. Women come alive at forty. I’ve seen it happen. So I’m good with forty. Today anyway, right? Ask me again in 364 days.

And, honestly, it would be a different story if I didn’t have Sophie and Luc. I would be hearing The Clock clanging and feeling something I have always wanted to do—have a baby—slipping away. So, no doubt, I’m feeling fine as 40 approaches because I’ve got my two kiddos running circles around me. Baby—check, check. People do ask me about a third, and technically, the factory is still open. In theory it could happen. I wouldn’t turn another soul down if he or she made a surprise visit. But pregnancy is hard. Really, really hard. I’m okay to let the count stand at two.

We hung out at our aunt’s house a lot this weekend with out of town birthday guests (grandma, great-grandma, aunt, cousins). On one aunt’s trampoline (thus the static, see photos below), the kids and I had this great conversation that resulted in making some lists of what we want to do with the coming year. We imagined being on that same trampoline in one year, looking back…what would we be pleased we had accomplished? The kids Ideas were pretty cool, I thought.

Sophie’s things to do list for being six:

*Learn to ride a bike without training wheels.

*Learn to write.

*Learn to use chopsticks.

*Paint more “real looking things.”

Luc’s list for being 4, although he has been four since October, he still wanted to make a list:

*Be able to push himself on the swing.

*Be able to do puzzles with pieces “this tiny” (holding thumb and forefinger up to his eye and peeking through.

*Moonwalk like zombie Michael Jackson

I thought that last one was pretty funny. But after watching “Thriller,” Luc is quite taken with Michael.

Maya’s list for being 39:

*Freestanding, comfortable backbend. And maybe lotus.

*Finish novel #7. Begin novel #8.

*Be a kinder person.

This picture has the amazing strawberry cake our baker cousin made for Sophie, and the amazing cheesecake my Mom made. We are blessed by bakers in this family! Just a small family party this time. After being snowed in so much of this winter, I couldn’t face the work required to clean the yurt for a real party. Thanks to Aunt Nettie for hosting!

And to Aunt Carroll for having this terrific climbing tree:

Climb as high as you want and have fun—that’s a motto to live by, if you ask me.

happy birthday, sophie!

Sophie turns 5 today. Wow!

I asked her if there was anything she remembered learning as a four year old, anything that marked being four for her, and she came up with this amazing list. The year Sophie was four she learned how to:

  • post on a horse and hold the reins with one hand
  • count to 100
  • snap her fingers
  • whistle
  • swing on the swing without me pushing her
  • write her name, and Luc’s name, and my name, and Daddy’s name
  • make oatmeal
  • swing [hand over hand] on the monkeybars
  • do a cartwheel, and a backwards roll
  • walk a log on her toes
  • play Go-fish….

And then she ran off to do something else, done with my lists. I could add a hundred more things, but I love that these are the things she thought of. Here she is a few days ago, in the last days of being four, hanging out in the yurt:

She is so cool.

in which luc turns 3

This weekend, Luc turned 3. Woo hoo!

Halloween birthdays are so cool.

Luc was so excited about the party, asking who would be there, what we would do, if there would be cake. Of course, at the party itself, he was all shyness and small smiles. Here is what he did when we sang the birthday song:

Incredibly cute. Sophie is definitely the ham sandwich of the family. But under the shirt he was happy—here is how he looked when he peeked out to blow out the candles:

Later, when I asked him what his favorite part was, he said , “the cake part!”

More of the feast:

That perfect white circle on the right is Grandma Bonnie’s Birthday Cheesecake. She has been perfecting it for 30 years, ever since I asked for one for my seventh birthday. And perfect it she has—it is a cheesecake to make bakers weep and women swoon. And no freaking wonder—the recipe calls for six packages of cream cheese and eight eggs! We’ve been having the leftovers for breakfast. Oh. My. God.

Here was Luc’s second favorite part:

Fruit plate from by special Luc request.

Some other great stuff….




I tried to get a picture of the cousins, playing with the goats, but it came out blurry. Darn.

Here is Great Grandma Marginette with the birthday boy:

Okay, I’ll stop putting up pictures. Anyway, I think a good time was had by all.

“Happy Birthday Luc!”

a good weekend was had by all

Here is a shot that Sophie got of me going about my Honeymilk Farm chores this morning. I look really sleepy. She said I should put it on the blog, though, so I am. I love how her photos are from such a different perspective (three feet off the ground). Often when she takes pictures of me, they go straight up my nose.

In other news, we went to check the bees yesterday. Here they are, chillin on the front porch, coming and going, shucking and jiving.

They are doing really well, bee business is booming. Unfortunately for us, however, they are booming in a way that makes it impossible to get into their hive without tearing it up. They got off to a rough start with the whole hive-missing-in-the-mail thing. Here is a shot of the inside, completely gummed up with comb.

Those bars are supposed to lift-out-able, but no way, as the bees have stuck them all together. I figure, they’re doing well, so I’ll leave them to it. However, next spring, if they make it through the winter, I’ll have to crack it open and help them start over. Sorry bees! There is a way to cut comb off and kind of sew it to the bars so you get some straight brood comb, but it is hard to do with new comb like this, new comb being so fragile. But next spring, that might be the thing to do. Well, it’s all a learning process.

And here is what Paul has been working on. The Man Shack. Okay, he calls it the ‘tool shed’ but really, its a boy’s fort house that has the sign on the door saying “no wives allowed!’

It’s kind of like a quilt sampler isn’t it? Stone work, cordwood, recycled materials, beams cut from the trees we cleared when we put the yurt in. It’s probably bulletproof, bombproof, those tools will definitely be safe in there, barring direct nuclear strike. I like the lion’s head door knocker. A fitting, masculine touch.

And finally, a happy birthday key lime pie for Paul. Happy Birthday, Paul!