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podcast friday

Episode 14 of Conjuring Raine is LIVE.  It’s so exciting to be so close to the end!  I have recorded all of it, through episode 18, but I still need to do the editing, etc, for 17, and 18.  Can you believe I have re-edited and re-recorded the last episode three times already?  But today, none of that.  Episode 14, Vampire Pow-Wow.  Enjoy!

crap, i broke my blog

Sorry about the ugly blog!  I got the page structure fixed, and the theme broke.  Things should improve, but in the meantime, the content is all here at least.  There was a scary fifteen minutes where I couldn’t find it, 384 posts over two years, all missing!  My whole body flushed hot at the thought of it.  But it’s fine, I found it, whew.  Anyway, pretty blog to return ASAP.  I hate spending blog time  fixing things I break, rather than on writing actual posts….

happy birthday, mayaland!

Wow, it has been two years since I started this blog!  I can’t believe it.  The kids really want to bake a cake today—it’s cloudy and cool, a good day for heating up the yurt with the oven.  Maybe it will be a blog birthday cake!  We can sing “happy birthday, dear blog…” maybe get the blog a present…okay, okay, you’re right.  That would be weird.

But hey, two years.  Who’d a thought?

UPDATE:  Here is the birthday blog cake we made:

And we sang “Happy Birthday, Bloggie!” after all.  I mean, any excuse for a party, right?

what could be wrong with free condoms?

I just learned that my town has a Condomobile. I’m serious! I guess it’s like the Pope-mobile, only… different. Or maybe more like the ice cream truck? I think they go around delivering condoms and the good message of safe sex. From the literature: “the goal is to break down the stigma of sexual issues by addressing them openly, in a lighthearted and responsible manner.” So that’s cool, right? I TRIED to get a picture for you, but failed, so you’ll have to imagine a van, emblazoned with messages such as “Stay Safe—Protect Yourself!” I admit, it took several tries for me to grok the whole concept. But remember when Sal on Doonesbury started a bicycle condom delivery service under the name of “Dr. Whoopee?” Maybe the Condomobile is like that?

Rumor has it that they tried to get the Condomobile into the Christmas parade, but were soundly rejected. Paraphrasing loosely, the reason was something along the lines of, ‘we can’t have condoms being tossed out to the kids along with the Christmas Candy.’ Well, okay, but what if they didn’t toss out condoms, just rode along and waved? They wouldn’t even have wear condom-costumes or anything. Hey, the Rape Crisis Center has a truck in the Christmas Parade, why not the Condomobile? Let’s celebrate the good times as well as the bad! I’m just saying.

Oddly, ‘condomobile’ has another meaning. From urbandictionary:

condomobile n.

1. The car a jock asshole uses to bone everyone’s girlfriend in. Mainly used by the rocker kids whose girlfriends are getting banged by said jock asshole.

Well. Who said English isn’t a flexible language?

And finally, here is the Fabulous Condom Song. No dirty words, but really, you must listen to this. It will make you laugh, and laughter is good.

Have a condom today!

ETA: 8/3/2009 The page that hosts the condom song seems to have been hacked. Google is blocking it. I hope they get it fixed soon! It’s an awesome song.