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Surys, standing, sitting to supta konasana, finishing.  This has been my Go To practice for a while.  I get bored with the butt balancers and the lying down one-let-at-a-time poses (can’t think of the name), I know I know I’m lazy.  I get to that butt-in-the-air spread-legged pose and then I’m done, I don’t want to do any more.  Finishing.  It’s not so bad, a pretty good practice.  But I still feel guilty, leaving those last few off.


Full Primary in the Noah House.  We finally got it de-molded and I can go back in without having an asthma attack.  I dunno, it just got crazy moldy last summer and then sat all winter (because it isn’t heated).  It took this long for us to get to it and finally I’m back in my yoga/writing studio, yay!  Great practice.


Finally got back to the mat.  Sometimes Lady’s Hols really gets me off track and I get used to having more spacious mornings.  Every month this interruption to the routine!  Anyway, full primary today. Good to be back.