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Conjuring Raine

A girl, her vampire, his demon….
Raine Black is a struggling comics artist with a gift–her comics come true. Joshua is Raine’s secret childhood friend, an abolitionist and a vampire who is possessed by a revenge demon his vampire religion can’t contain. Joshua wants Raine safe from the demon, and from the other vampires, so he can kill himself in peace before the demon takes him over. Raine thinks she can draw Joshua a comic with a happy ending, if he would just give her a little more time. And the demon? It wants to strike a bargain–with Raine. From San Francisco’s Tenderloin to the Dismal Swamp of North Carolina, this spooky, funny, sexy story deals with human trafficking, vampires, and conjure magic, not to mention the painful territory of how far we’ll go in the name of love.

“I’m known as a rather gruff old bastard, (I’m 58) and I don’t usually listen to romance stories, but I was literally spell bound with your book… I’m not kidding here, I missed meals because I wouldn’t quit listening to your work.  Pretty racy at times, but under the circumstances, it was appropriate….”

“Even if you’re not into the vampire genre, I feel you’ll enjoy this story for its well-developed characters and plot. Maya does an admirable job of letting us get to know the main characters while ably populating her story with secondary and tertiary characters who actually contribute to the plot instead of being mere window-dressing. Her evocative scene-setting gives this story a depth of character all its own. She left me contemplating the meaning of true love and the lengths one would go to in its name, yet without the usual hackneyed, bitter aftertaste of cliched vampire romanticism….”

“Excellent dialogue, superb narration and character development. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good vampire story out of the norm for this genre…”

“Your writing is absolutely beautiful and descriptive and you do a great job at creating characters…”

“This is an introspective and surprisingly intimate vampire tale with original plot twists and nuanced detail…”