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Children of the Fallen

Seven haunted and talented half-breeds, not knowing who they are or what they can do, grow up in a city full of fallen angels. Only Old Abe knows them all, helping them and hiding them from their glorious and terrifying parents who call them abominations.

A homeless musician falls for the fallen angel turned incubus who hunts her. A cellist allows her fire-winged grandmother to consume her. A blind painter receives secret teachings from her night-winged father, while her brother searches for a door into the realm of the angels. A young man finds he is able to capture the fallen on film, unaware that his photographs are killing him. While a girl reads her future in the cards, and runs from her would-be lover, a creature who might also be her father.

Seven unique people, muddling through troubled, intertwined lives, unaware of the each other until a young man, raised by his fallen mother, finds them all and they begin to spill their secrets.

Because only by coming together will the half-breeds be able to save Abe from those of the fallen who wish to kill him for his audacity.

“One thing fantasy can do for us is to give shape to the mysterious in the world; another is to make emotional yearning concrete. “Dusi’s Wings” does just that…I look forward to reading more by Lassiter.” –Tangent Online, for the story, “Dusi’s Wings,” (now expanded to become Children of the Fallen) published in Realms of Fantasy Magazine.