when it rains it pours…ipads

Nearly 80 degrees on Christmas and we opened presents in tank tops and shorts: weird.  And this week it is flooding.  Like, literally flooding.  Roads are washed out.  The creek along the back edge of our property, usually about 20 feet across is easily triple that, past its banks on either side with water hip deep at the edges of the creep and a racing over-my-head current (not that I’ve tried) in the middle where the banks are usually twelve feet high.  It’s starting to look biblical out there, is what I’m saying.

Here is our big creek a couple of summers ago, almost no water.  Sophie and Henry are down in the dry bed.  Occasional puddles were all that was left.

2011summerwalk6Same creek today:

big creek floodedThe trench she is standing in in the first one is somewhere in the center of the second one, over where those bubbles are towards the right—that’s where the fasts moving stuff is.  Really fast.  Holy crap.

And did you hear that it got up to almost 40 degrees today AT THE NORTH POLE?  And the sun isn’t even rising at all there right now.  Plus: it was 45 in Los Angeles—glamorous people were dressed like it was the tundra, kind of funny.  Except that LA should never be nearly the temperature of the North Pole.  Not ever. Those should never be even close.  This is freaking me out.

But listen to this, distract yourself with our tale of absurd accidental Christmas abundance.  Our iPad 2, a Christmas gift from Grandma back in 2011, has been on its last legs, limping along.  We also got an iPad Mini the following Christmas, 2012, but it got wet last year and started acting like it was demon possessed, randomly zipping through websites and apps without anyone touching the screen.  I thought fixing up the big iPad would be a nice Christmas thing, reset it, update it, clear out the photos, etc.  Whatever.  So I fixed it up.  Wrapped it.  Put it under the tree.

Unbeknownst to me, Supercoolhubby had also identified the iPad as a Christmas-upgrade-needed situation.  Only he went the refurbished route and found an iPad 4 for $200 bucks.  (Score!) He didn’t, however, know I’d fixed the other one.  So, new-to-us iPad.  Wrapped.  Under the tree.

At the same time, my sister won a brand new iPad Mini in a raffle and didn’t need it.  She’s sensible and realized that one person only needs one tablet, and she already had one.  So she gave the mini to us.  Wrapped, under the tree.

Plus I got Sophie a phone this year, her first, Moto G (its water proof!), Republic Wireless, $10/mo for unlimited talk and text, seamless wifi-to-cell hand-off so you use way less cell data, no contract, in other words SUPER CHEAP phone, yay!  Wrapped, under the tree!  (I’ve been with them since the summer, fabulous, I highly recommend checking them out.)

So.  Christmas morning.  We just. kept. unwrapping. iThings.

And then old iPad Mini started working again!  Out of the blue!  Luc says he did an exorcism on it.

Are you keeping count?  That means Christmas day we went from two mostly broken iPads to FOUR working iPads.  Plus three phones, four computers (the two the kids and I built, and two Macbooks), and oh, Luc and I have old iPod Touches we still use for certain things…and a partridge in a pear tree.

See?  See?  Absurd!  We were cracking up, as it went on each present, no matter its shape, we started expecting iPads.  Another one!  And another!  We just stack ’em up like firewood around here.

ipad assortment(The hole in the upper right would be for my phone, which I used to take the picture.  Plus there is Husband’s old iPhone 3 that Sophie still uses as an ipod sometimes.  We didn’t bother to go through the rain to get it in the Noah house for the photo….)

Actually, we need some firewood, supposed to get cold next week.  My great aunt says thunder in winter means snow within ten days.  One of those old weather folk-sayings.  It surely was thundering today.  Maybe it will get cold again at the North Pole?

Either way, I can now check the weather on four tablets, three phones, two pcs, two macbooks, or two ipods. Honestly, I don’t know how this happened.  It’s embarrassing.  Accumulation over years.  Generous relatives. And I guess we’re good about not dropping them.

If weird climate change is linked to ipad possession, I hang my head in shame.

4 thoughts on “when it rains it pours…ipads

  1. Grimmly

    Trod on my old iPad Boxing Day : (
    Actually it’s kind of pretty, call up an image search of some old saint and you have this stained glass effect.
    Wishing you and your family all the best for the new year Maya.

    1. maya Post author

      Hi Grim! Oh, that’s a tragic and holy end for a Magical Device. I hope you can get another one, they really are a marvel in so many ways. If you were my neighbor I would totally loan you one of ours. Happy New Year!!

      1. grimmly

        Neighbors would be nice but you should come here and be my neigbor here and write a book in set in Japan -or I could be your researcher sending you all the local colour ,photos to flesh out the scenes.
        Just downloaded your latest book Ghost Fugue….. don’t imagine you will be doing an audio version of this one : )
        Ipad still hanging in there for now, just the cracked screen, trying to decide, regular or mini.

        1. maya Post author

          Hi Grim! Personally, I’d go for the mini. It’s such a great size and considerable price reduction. Big one is heavy! I love this image of me being your neighbor and writing a book in Japan. I would sit staring at your mountain, drinking matcha and thinking Deep Thoughts. You can be my researcher any day! Maybe on philosophers–I have a character in current book who studied philosophy–and I know nothing about it. Why would I do that to myself? SO MUCH RESEARCH. Anyway, I hope you like Ghost Fugue! It’s a little different from some of the others, not sure if that is a new trend or a one-off.


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