new novel: ghost fugue, for 3 voices…coming june 21!

Look at my sidebar, go on, look at the shiny new book coming in ten days!  And it’s got its very own page on the blog, WOOT, with, like, a description and everything, DOUBLE WOOT.  I did a prelim cover reveal post not long ago, but now we have the real thing, Ghost Fugue, For 3 Voices, and LO, an actual release date:

JUNE 21.

WOWOWOWOWOW. [imagine the camera zooming in and out here]

Summer Solstice!  Because if you can do things when the planets are aligned, you should.

The plan is to release it to my loyal readers and email-list peeps for .99 for that first day, and then bump it up to its regular price. I’ll send out an email when it gets closer with all these deets.

Meanwhile, I’m busy getting the final copyedits sorted out, getting files properly formatted, test driving the whole mess of it, etc.

I’m super-stoked to finally have Ghost Fugue, For 3 Voices, coming out.  It’s been a long time in the making.



2 thoughts on “new novel: ghost fugue, for 3 voices…coming june 21!

  1. grimmly

    Congratulations Maya,looking forward to it, got my Kindle and everything, yours were the first books I actually read as ebooks….. but when are you going to do another audio version.

    1. maya Post author

      Oh, you are just the best. Probably no audio in the foreseeable future, it is a TON of work and I think I kind of suck at it. At least, it is piercingly painful to hear my own voice and my audio-editing skills are lame at best. But it WAS fun when I was doing Raine, so I wouldn’t rule it out forever. I hope you like the new one! I’m honored to be on your kindle!


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