in which we begin running and Jeff Galloway tells me I’m amazing

I met a gal at a kid birthday party a couple of months ago who was about to go run a marathon. I was impressed, while she was totally blase about it—until I started asking her more questions (people love to find something to talk about at parties), and she lit up and begin to tell me about Jeff Galloway. Turns out this gal had killed her knee ten years back, requiring surgery, and had thought she would never run again…but had managed to get into it—including this, her seventh marathon—four years ago, using Jeff Galloway’s “run/walk/run” method with, get this, zero pain and zero injuries. spy phone ipad

I ran in high school and liked it, but gave it up. Getting back to it has proved, up to now, impossible, as any time I tried my knees complained bitterly. But something about this gal’s story got my interest going and I looked up Galloway. Turns out he was an Olympic runner back in the 70s and has written a bunch of books about training gently and building up super slowly. He has a website and an app. It all looked absurdly easy, simple intervals essentially, like, starting out you run for a fifteen seconds out of each minute, working up to one minute running/one minute walking and beyond, but never completely giving up the walking. Ten what is the best app to spy a phone from distance minutes total to start, building up to an hour of run/walk/run.

Ten minutes, shit. I could do that.

All casual-like I asked the yurt at large if anyone wanted to play with the app with me. To my surprise, SuperHubby and Sophie (my 11 year old) both said they’d give it a shot. In the app, Jeff himself comes on to tell you when to run and when to walk and you can play your tunes in the background. Nice layout, nice timer features. Total running handholding. And that is how we came to be the 3x/week runners for phone spy flexispy turn mobile data off the past month.

That’s right, I’m five weeks in and no knee pain. My biggest concern is anything that might mess up my yoga practice, so I’ve been ready to drop the experiment in a hot minute. But so far, facebook password tracker so good.

In the app, Jeff has us up to 30 minute run/walks now. He promises to get us to a 5k if we keep it up. Me? Run a 5k? C’est impossible!

Sidestory: He gives these little bite-sized coaching slogans (you can turn it off if you want) as you plod along. For some reason Sophie (who is 80 lbs of muscle) kept getting messages about fat burning and watching out for over-snacking—odd since I haven’t gotten a one of those. Instead, Jeff if always telling me how great I am. Daw, thanks, Jeff.

All while he mocks Sophie in his strong southern accent: “Munch, munch, munch.”

“We don’t talk about that!” jokes Sophie, indignant.


Ooo, I know, maybe if we actually do a 5k, we’ll get matching t-shirts! The Lassiter Running Club! I’ve always wanted to (pretend to) be an athlete! I just voiced that thought and Sophie rolled her eyes at me. “What?” said I. To which she answered, “Nothing. I just had a powerful urge to look at the ceiling.”

Oh hardy har.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “in which we begin running and Jeff Galloway tells me I’m amazing

  1. davidd

    A friend who runs a couple of marathons a year has told me that people using the Galloway walk/run/walk method are often completing marathons ahead of people who run the entire distance. This interesting fact was reiterated to me by a college track coach friend.

    I realize this post is four months old at this point. Are you still getting out there 3x a week? And how will the oncoming cooler weather impact your running?

    I’m hoping to get back to it myself, after a layoff of many, many months. But first, I have to pack up all my stuff and move… into our new (to us, anyway) yurt house in southern Utah! So the running won’t happen until the end-ish of September at the earliest.

    1. maya Post author

      Hi there again David, yes, we are still going 3x a week. Two “short” runs of about 2.5-3 miles (about 30-40 minutes) and one “long” run of about 4.5 miles. We still do the run/walk/run thing, about a couple minutes of running for each minute of walking. I don’t know about cool weather, maybe more clothes? I’m more worrieda bout the loss of daylight. Will we run in the dark? Time will tell.


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