weekly yoga fist-bump check-in

It’s surprising to me how motivating a tiny agreement—with someone I only know over the internet—to virtually fist-bump if we met our week’s yoga goals has been.  But yeah, I totally shooed myself on the mat because of that agreement.  Can’t get to week’s end and have to say, sorry, can’t fist bump, I was lame.  So woot.  Go me.  I practiced five times this week, two primary’s to supta konasana, two to navasana, one standing only.  FIST BUMP.

Practice was good, not too stiff.  I can feel that twinge in my hamstring attachment complaining—I think the cold is giving it trouble.  God, I sound like an old woman.  Anyway.

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “weekly yoga fist-bump check-in

  1. Pamela


    I thought the same thing: I have to practice. I want my high five at the end of the week.

    I did all the practice that I could fit in given my schedule which was two shorts and two longs with gently escalating difficulty. I still feel like my fitness level isn’t my best but I’m building.

    This week I should be able to do 5 solid practices, so that’s the goal.

    Thanks for motivating me Internet friend. FIST BUMP!

    1. maya Post author

      FIST BUMP, haha! 5 solids, I’ll meet you back here next week. I’m going to stay at 4 solids but I’ll add a sury, for 5 practices.
      No injuries that’s the main goal. I always seem to tweak something when I practice every day. So hard to find the balance of enough to progress, not too much. I’ve also been biking some (inside, bike is set up on a trainer), mostly when I get cold. 30 minutes and I’m hot, so that saves on the heating bills, haha, since everyone else around here have internal thermastats set way warmer than mine (I’m always freezing). Have to watch the knees on the bike, so as not to mess up the yoga….


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