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So, we survived Thanksgiving.  Thank god that’s over.  A day devoted to gratitude is a fabulous idea, and I’m all for it, but really, it’s pretty hard to avoid the feeling that its a day set aside, not for giving thanks, but for gluttony.  And now the whole Black Friday thing has become even bigger than Thanksgiving itself, and what is Black Friday but just more gluttony.  It all grosses me out, really.

An acquaintance of mine cuts hair at a salon in a nearby mall and she told me they had decided to open the mall at 6pm on Thanksgiving itself this year (not wait until Friday morning as is typical).  She showed me a vid she made of the Unlocking of the Doors at 6pm and the flood of people rushing in to shop.  The people poured in, it went on and on, and everyone was in such a hurry, this mad dash to BUY.  I thought, it’s the same old mall that was there the day before, what’s the rush?  But these sales do a good job of creating a perceived scarcity/need that gets that brain-chemical-combo going, the one that makes it all seem so urgent and necessary.  It has the same gross feeling of watching people do ten minute shopping sprees where they just start grabbing shit and stuffing their cart, or when money gets dumped out of a window (only happens in movies) and people start shoving and scrambling for dollar bills.  Where’s the dignity people?  Where’s the generosity?

For Thanksgiving itself, we went to see my frail and nearly-gone Grandma, which was sweet and sad.  Too much driving, a nice meal with people I love, some crying.  I kind of hate it, it’s awful even though it is also good.  What can I say, life is confusing.  Then we had a second stay-at-home Thanksgiving the next day, with a big bowl of stuffing and all of us on the couch watching Winter Soldier and talking Marvel-Mythology theories.  Nothing like a nice geek-out over a bowl of carbs for family bonding.

I DID buy a present for SuperCoolHubby on sale on amazon on Black Friday.  So there, I guess I did my Duty as an American.  I hope he likes it.

Meanwhile, I have rewritten (again) the ending of my current novel and it is out (again) to my beta readers.  Who are awesome.  AWESOME.

Not much yoga this week, no fist bump for me.  I forgot about the whole holiday thing when I said I would practice lots.  One full primary and a primary-to-navasana and that was it.  LAME.  I’ll do better this week or DIE TRYING.

How was your yoga week?  I’d love to hear.


2 thoughts on “thanksgiving, updates, yoga practice (not)

  1. Pamela

    Aw. I understand the bittersweet of visiting with aging loved ones. Dealing with that over here, too. Sounds like some nice times.

    My holiday weekend was quiet and made it easier for me to practice although I’m not sure what I had in mind when I said 5 solid. I did do 5 practices but a couple were short and sweet.

    What I’m having a hard time with is recovery time. I think that’s what I was getting at when I was talking about respect for the aging body but I don’t think I articulated it very well.

    So let’s say I have a really great practice and that delicious noodly-arm feeling from working hard. When I go back to practice the next day, after 10-15 minutes my noodle arms will be back. Like my body isn’t ready to work hard again.

    It’s not like it’s a big tragedy to modify to an easier practice, it just discourages me sometimes.

    This week is a regular work week for me so probably 4 practices.

    1. maya Post author

      I know what you mean about recovery time. I definitely take longer to recover than I used to. I used to feel like, in my late thirties even, that so much progress came from the fact that I wasn’t ‘recovered’ before the next practice hit. But I could do it, I could do the next practice while still in that destabilized, tired zone. Now, I don’t know if it is laziness or what, but two full practices and the third day I’m whupped. Two on, one off, two on, two off, is my typical week’s practice, starting on Monday. I try to do a little on that mid-week day off, but I often don’t. (Guilt.) I feel discouraged, too, like I’ll never get any further in any of those sexy poses that so inspire me at this rate. I know it isn’t about asana, but I also know that motivation to get on the mat is 80% of this for me and sexy poses get me interested. More fun to be all, “I’m going to have superpowers!” then, “I’m going to make a small deposit into the long-term-investment plan of Not Breaking a Hip at 70.


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