sunglasses, tirimisu, the GALAXY BRA, and how to be a woman

My daughter Sophie and I had quite a haul in the mailbox yesterday.  For me, my very-first-ever pair of prescription sunglasses, scored from Zenni Optical for $45 bucks, because I finally have had ENOUGH of wearing sunglasses perched precariously on top of my glasses when I go anywhere bright and actually want to see in focus (what a dork I am, I know, I know).

For Sophie, the mailbox contained her very-first-ever grown-up BRA.  As opposed to those cute, cotton bralettes they sell in the “junior” department (basically very short tank-tops), this bra sported adjustable straps, a back closure, and LO! actual cups.  So cute!!!!

So.  Cool Wayfarer stylin with polarized lenses for me, and injection molded foam for wire-free support with a simply gorgeous image of Space emblazoned on the cups for her.  It’s a wonder the mailbox didn’t pour out blinding golden light when we opened it up.

Online shopping is amazing, isn’t it?  On the Zenni site you enter in your prescription and your various desires (lens material, fancy coatings, etc), then you upload a picture of yourself upon which you can “try on” any of their frames. Sweet.  Click order and they send you your glasses in a week, and the prices are jawdroppingly low.  I uploaded a crap-tastic picture of myself, (because I don’t want to have to look good for my glasses, you know what I’m saying?  I want them to make ME look good, not the other way around) and a week later, here I was, mugging in the rear view mirror.

Sidebar: Seriously, I love my eye doctor (who is, I have to say, hot), but at $400+ for a pair of his glasses, I do not see how he can possibly compete with Zenni which gives me the same (or better, because they have a huge selection) glasses for 1/10th the price.  $40 vs $400, there really is no comparison.  Although I seriously pray this boon to me is not coming out of a sweatshop-for-glasses scenario.

Anyway.  Back in the car, Sophie is ripping open her package from, another online wonder, this time a knickers emporium with 100,000 bras to choose from. It even has a sizing page where you enter various measurements, hit calculate, and boom, it gives you your bra size.

What witchery is this?  No older woman “fitting” you for a bra while making veiled snarky comments about your back-fat and trying to sell you a bra that clearly does not fit?  How can local bra shops compete?  I was dubious that a web-applet could produce a proper size—but damn if the bra we purchased (for $9 bucks!) fit Sophie exactly.  Amazing.

$9 bucks!!  My stupid yoga bras are more like $40 and I pass out from sticker shock every time I go to buy one, resulting in me wearing them to tattered rags.  $9 bucks!  Maybe I need to rethink the yoga bras.

Sophie put her new bra on the car as we headed out to do errands.  I sang the Star Wars Theme because it is, after all, the Galaxy Bra.  Seriously! it’s a Maidenform “Softie Contour Bra,” and when we found it on the site, the color options were black, nude, white, or ‘Galaxy’.

“Which do you want?” I asked.

Sophie gave me a look. “Duh.  Galaxy.”

That’s my girl.

“How is it?” I asked, driving through the autumn colors.  Sophie peered down, stretching left and right.  “They both look the same size now.”

I laughed and sang Star Wars some more, the wind blowing my hair back from my new jaunty shades—which are excellent, by the way.  I’ve never been able to see in focus, and without glare, BOTH at the same time.  I can’t believe I waited this long to get these.  “Mom,” Sophie said, “Please.  My boobs do not need a soundtrack.”  Ha!

“Of course they do!  And you know you’re a woman when you discover what yours is.”  We were both cracking up.

galaxy braAnd let me just say, it isn’t just bra-selling technology that blows me away, it’s the bras themselves.  Holy cow, I’ve been wearing my cotton yoga bras forever, and, I have to admit, nursing bras before that, I am WAY behind the times on the high-tech, molded foam, wireless possibilities out there.  The Galaxy Bra is soft, comfortable and according to Sophie, very supportive.  Amazing.  The dang thing is just shy of a levitation device for breasts. On top of all that, it’s dramatically pretty.  My first terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bra was a no-size-fits-anyone disaster that I had to jerk down in the front every time I moved because it rode up constantly—for a year.

In comparison, the Galaxy Bra is a work of art, both engineering and aesthetic.  It’s goddamn beautiful.  (And my little girl!  In a real grown up bra!  I can’t even tell you have astonishing that is.  My life, it’s passing before my very eyes.)

Anyway, what with the sunglasses and the bra, we felt so celebratory (celeBRAtory, heh heh, cough, sorry) we ended up at a coffee shop.  It just happened, I swear.  But online shopping had yielded us life changing treasures!  Clearly we needed sugar to commemorate the moment.

Staring at the bakery case I said, “Should we get a chocolate chip cookie, a cannoli, or tiramisu?”

Sophie gave me a look. “Duh.  Tiramisu.”

That’s my girl.tiramisu

We sat outside in the sparkling fall weather, beneath a juniper tree and a red maple the color of fire, and shared the tiramisu, me with the sun on my face and NOT in my eyes, and her in her secret, fancy underwear.

“This is awesome,” she said, through a mouthful of espresso soaked cake and mascarpone.

“Yep,” I said.

It was.

Later, in the yurt, Luc, 9, said, “So, what the heck IS a Galaxy bra?”

“It’s a bra emblazoned with Hubble deep space photography,” I said.  “It’s lovely.  I want one.”

“But why would you even want a bra with stuff on it?” he said.  “No one is going to see it.”

“Dude.  Fancy underwear can change your whole day.  It makes you feel like a million bucks.  It’s an instant boost.”

“You need therapy.”

“A bra is cheaper.”

Sophie started to lift her shirt. “Want to see it?  It’s really comfortable.”

“NO.  Definitely not.”

how to be a womanWhich brings me to the painfully, wonderfully funny memoir of Caitlin Moran, How to Be a Woman, in which she says, “The bra is, perhaps, the rudest item of women’s clothing. If you do not doubt this, try this simple test: throw a bra at a nine-year-old boy. He will react as if he has had a live rat winged at his head. He will run, screaming, away from you – like that Vietnamese kid covered in napalm. He cannot handle the rudeness of bras.”

Too true!  And listen, there is so much truth in the chapter on bras alone that I was laughing so hard reading it I fell off my chair at the kid’s aikido class.  Very embarrassing.  Basically I was trying so hard NOT to laugh (aikido being a rather serious endeavor) that my butt just…slipped…and I ended up half-wedged between seats, hanging onto the appalled parent next to me, concerned that Sensei was going to need to bring in a crane to get me out.  Imagine a hilariously funny British stand-up comedian giving you the feminist 101 download on an array of topics from clothes to childbirth to wedding receptions to journalism, all while telling her own life story and making you pee your pants.  I highly, highly recommend.

I also highly recommend Zenni Optical and Herroom.  And bra shopping with your daughter in a way that makes you both laugh.  And tiramisu.  Lots of tiramisu.

Bonus Level!

Overheard just now as I was typing this out:

Sophie: “I’m going into the man cave.”

Luc: “Says the person wearing a Galaxy Bra.”

Sophie, thoughtful: “Maybe you can’t go into a Man Cave in a Galaxy Bra.  Maybe it would cause them both to combust, like matter and anti-matter.”

Luc: “Which one is which?”

Good freaking question.  I have no idea.

8 thoughts on “sunglasses, tirimisu, the GALAXY BRA, and how to be a woman

  1. Shane

    Ahhhhhh, Zenni optical is the greatest thing ever!! I keep telling everybody about it, but they won’t believe me. And yes, they are perhaps made in sweatshops, but you know what? If they are, so are the $400 ones, and that extra $360 isn’t going to the workers. There is no earthly reason why some plastic and 2 pieces of glass should cost more than an iPhone.

    1. maya Post author

      I know, right?!? People glaze over when I try to explain the whole ‘buy glasses on-line’ thing. it’s too good to be true, maybe.

  2. Rebecca

    A very timely post, thank you.
    I’ve been scouring the internet/other information sources for the right bra for my Ivy, whose about twelve, to graduate from the half-shirt things. My friend Sonia, knower of things, said, Go to the Gap and get those yoga low-impact bras in XS, and pay $30 for them, and get 5. Just splurge, and you’ll have enough to keep them in rotation. This seemed like good advice, and I attempted to carry it out but the store was out of those bras in her size. What I really didn’t want was some inappropriate lacy thing for her. but the Galaxy bra looks cool! I’m going to pursue this, along with the opticals (I have the exact same problem as the one you just solved). However: do you need to have a recent prescription? The tiramisu looks good too!

    (ps: I injured myself ashtanga-ing and was sorry to hear you hurt your ankle. But i’m slowly building back.)

    1. maya Post author

      I love the name Ivy. It all started with a wondeful book, The Changeling, by Zilpha Keatly Snyder, oh how I loved that book as a kid, I can’t even explain why. But there is a great Ivy in it. Those Gap bras don’t look to bad. I always feel so pissed off when little bits of cotton and elastic cost $30+ dollars. The one I like is Omgirl Asana Bra, very simple, too expensive. I wait for sales. But yeah, maybe I should get myself a Galaxy Bra! Maybe I need me some injection molded foam. Good luck to Ivy in her new Bra Life! Re: prescriptions, Zenni does not appear to require any confirmation of any medical anything. You plug in the numbers you want, they give it to you. Make sure to get your pupillary distance, I had to ask for mine. So sorry about your injury, what happened?

      1. Rebecca

        I never read The Changeling (or I don’t remember it as well) but Zilpha Keatly Snyder’s The Egypt Game was one of my favorite, favorite books – for the same “I can’t even explain why” reason. I’ll check out the Changeling’s Ivy. I liked the name for many reasons, one of which is that Ivy is so strong it can take down buildings; and indeed our Ivy is very stubborn. But also the leaves are so beautiful and heart-shaped. as far as the glasses go, I may have to get re-examined, but it is becoming urgent as my current glasses look as if someone (me?) may have used them as a snow shovel or perhaps a kitchen implement. I’ll look into the Omgirl. And about the injury: to put it in a nutshell, there was a little twinge in my sacrum area at the end of my practice, during a shoulderstand variation, and then I couldn’t really sit or stand comfortably all day — or lie down for that matter. This may have been connected to the fact that it was Halloween and the 2nd anniversary of a terrible accident Ivy was in two halloweens ago. Altogether a stressful day! But I’m feeling almost totally better from the injury. hope all’s well with you!

        1. maya Post author

          Oh no, sorry you started hurting, Rebecca! Anniversary pain, too, yuck. Haha, about the kitchen implement glasses, yes, get a new pair from Zenni, just go ahead you won’t regret it, the money is so low. the only reason my shades were so high was that I paid for the fancy polarized lenses. The frames I picked were $12. TWELVE bucks! I hope you are able to practice this week. Good luck!


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