stop action parkour, super cool vid! plus, ORCS

Ran across this today, SUPER FUN:

Amiright? How cool is that? And then, of course I clicked on the “see our previous video” link and it went to this, amazing and moving story of one, lowly orc’s trials and desire for supremacy.

What a terrific idea, to tell a story from the lowest orc’s perspective. I always wonder about those poor losers. I mean, to be the Low Orc on the Orc Totem Pole, the bottom guy in a world of bullies and meanies, that’s got to suck. What can I say, I’ve got too much empathy.

And then Sophie and I really liked this “making of” the Mordor video, I mean, wow, these guys are bad-ass. I love it when people do cool things in the name of art/fun! I wonder who they are, who is funding this venture, how they learned all of this? I’m totally impressed.

And there went the rest of the morning, the kids and I watching more and more of these terrific vids….

I’m late to the party on this. Digital Corridor has been putting out videos for years. Very cool. Two thumbs up. Youtube is amazing, or rather, what some people do when given a platform like youtube…is amazing.

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