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  1. maya Post author

    I had two half primaries, one full, and one sury’s only practice this week. A bit lame, really, but there you go. It’s starting to get cold which means I don’t sweat a drop and can wear my yoga clothes all day, haha. It also means I feel extra stiff in the morning. When it’s really cold, I sit on a heating pad while I drink my tea to warm up my hamstrings before I begin. Got to baby those things, once damaged they seem to stay damaged. But it’s not that cold yet! And always the question, when it feels so good to practice, why do I struggle so many days to make it to the mat?

  2. louise

    I hear you. Why is it so hard? I have to be so careful not to get involved in anything before practice. No to reading, getting online, chatting, daydreaming, work (however urgent it seems); yes to oil pulling, lighting a candle and making the space clear of distractions (dust, bits on my mat, hairs)
    This week I did 5 mornings of standing sequence only and 1 half arsed set of Suryas one morning when I made the mistake of starting some drawing. I’m easing myself back into a half practice up to Navasana next week. My stiffness has eased by the second Surya B. I’m really focusing on my navel and raising awareness of that middle bit. I’ve added some sit ups to my morning to try and gain back some core. I ache, but it’s a good reminder to keep going. Why can’t practice be more like putting my face into a chocolate cake? Practice is much more pleasurable in reality. Wishing you all a happy rest day if you take it today. I’m house painting while our weather is still dry. We are heading for autumn in the UK and also feeling the chill.

  3. Rebecca

    hello all –
    that is a good question — why is practice so hard if it feels so good? The other day, for example, while in savasana I had the fleeting feeling, which I made a mental note to take note of, that I was made of honey. Practice can be so blissful. The practice is truly its own reward, as people say. Yet when I let things go, it becomes harder and harder – a slog. One thing I’ve found that works is to set a determination to practice, full practice, every day (6 days) for a certain length of time, maybe a month. This results in momentum. But of course it can be hard to find the time, especially during fall when everything is starting up again. I’m a teacher, myself.

    Right now my biggest challenge is doing my practice in the same room as the new bunny rabbit, Benjamin, who lives in our house. We got him for my daughter recently as a present. I felt guilty that he sits in his cage/house while I do yoga in the early morning, so I started letting him hop around the living room while I practice. In contrast to normal times, when he pretty much ignores me, he’s quite interested in me when I do yoga, so I find myself taking quick glances behind me before doing drop backs or poses that require a blind backwards maneuver (even a jump back) because he might easily be sitting there. But hopefully he would be quick enough to hop away!

    1. maya Post author

      I want to be made of honey, too!! That’s true that putting a timelimit on it (I’ll do full practice for one month!) does give focus and momentum. A doable goal that has a finish line. That’s a good idea.
      I’ve given up those 6 day weeks, though, I did it for a couple of years, but no more. Five practice weeks are enough (and honestly, lately, it’s been 4). 6 days is just too much, it makes me too exhausted and too injury prone. I know that if you take moon days there are usually just a couple 6 day-ers in a month–I used to tell myself this and try to make myself do it, but…I kind of hated my practice when I was making myself do 6. More power to you if you can do it! A month of dedicated 5 day weeks though…I could get on board for that.
      Rebecca, do you read Grimmly’s blog? He’s in Osaka now but he used to practice in London with his pet chinchilla, talked about the same thing, making sure he didn’t jump back on the little guy. I hope there are no bunny pancakes in your future!


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