let us now sing the glories of tamagoyaki and kewpie mayo

Walking through the forest today with the kids and Henry, I remarked, “I love striding along through the woods.  I feel so powerful.”

To which Sophie, 10 said, “It would be better with a cloak.”

Luc, 8, added, “And coconuts.”  That’s a Monty Python reference there, in case you didn’t know.

I laughed.  “Oh yes.  And I want a minstrel to walk behind me, singing of my glorious deeds.”

Instantly, Sophie began singing, “She washed the dishes, it was mighty!

And Luc sang, “She made me tamagoyaki, it was yummy!

“Knock it off, I’m getting depressed.”

She dealt with depression!

She ate some chocolate!

Oh these kids.

I did get a fun little tamagoyaki pan.  Since Luc subsists on omelets, why not?  Here it is:

tamago 3

A rectangular pan for making rectangular, three or four egg…thingys.  They’re kind of egg logs.  That you slice.  Basically you pour in a thin layer of eggs stuff, roll it up to one side with chopsticks or a spatula, pour another thin layer (lifting the established roll and tilting the pan so the new layer runs under the roll), cook a bit, roll it onto the growing egg log, pour another thin layer…you keep rolling your egg log back and forth until you’re out of eggs.  Then you put it on a plate and slice.  You can add mirin (sweet rice wine) and soy sauce to your egg mix for Japanese flavor and a fine texture.  Or you can add milk and beat for extra fluffy rolls.

Here is a plate of fluffy tamagoyaki, served Luc’s two favorite ways, with ketchup, on his Incredible Hulk place mat….

tamago 2

…or on rice, wrapped with nori.


I’m not very good at making the sushi-style version, kind of sloppy.  But Luc eats them and says “yum!” so that’s good enough for me.

But listen.  There is a secret ingredient.  It goes between the eggs and the rice.  Lean your ear close my friend, for I am about to tell you of a wonder sauce, my new favorite condiment:


Kewpie Mayo!  IT IS SO DELICIOUS.  I have sung the joys of mayo before, even making making my own with our chicken’s eggs (see link for recipe and photos).  But this stuff, O. M. G.  Those Japanese, they take mayo and elevate it by a factor of 10.  They says it’s because of the MSG but I think it’s because they sacrifice babies to the God of Mayonnaise. Why else would it have a babydoll on the front?  (Seriously, why does it have a babydoll on the front?  So…weird.)

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the big deal?  It’s just mayo.  I don’t understand it myself.  Maybe it is the rich flavor, the golden color.  Maybe it’s the umami.  Whatever it is, Kewpie has ruined me for American mayonnaise.  And that’s saying something.  I can’t get enough of this stuff.  Which is…a problem.  Actually.

For extra deliciousness and a condiment sauce of epic tastiness, mix Kewpie with my other favorite eat-on-anything sauce, Sriracha, about which I have also sung many praises.  You might recognize this concoction as the “spicy orange sauce” you sometimes get on sushi.  YUM.  Hang on, I have to go make some right now.

I’m back.  Okay, anyway, it is WELL worth hunting down a bottle of this stuff in your local Asian market, where you might also find your very own tamago pan ($10 bucks, can’t beat that!).  Kewpie Mayo is the BOMB.  Unless you’re trying to lose weight.  Then AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Oh yes, these are the deeds they will sing of!  Making tamago and scoring some Kewpie at the Asian market!  Doing the dishes and walking the dog!  Such are the trials of Maya the Great!

4 thoughts on “let us now sing the glories of tamagoyaki and kewpie mayo

  1. grimmly

    M. used to think I looked like kewpie before I took up the yoga, think she kind of misses it.

    may I suggest okonomiyaki, seeing as you have all that kewpie mayo to use up

  2. Shannon

    Thanks! Another way to put something with mayo! Just what I needed since I already do aoili and chipotle mayo. XD That egg log thingy looks good and I like the way you made it into a sushi roll. I think it looks lovely, and now, I need to look up what okonomiyaki is. 😀


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