in which i gush about Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We just caught up with Phil & Co in the season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and can I just say, WOW.  (This will be a spoiler free post.)  We saw Thor 2, Iron Man 3 and Captain America 2 in close succession, followed by a pile of S.H.I.E.L.D.s recently, the eps right around the Captain America cross-over and then on through to the end….and yeah, wowowowowowow!

Agents of SHIELD

We are SO enjoying this huge, multi-platform story!  I can’t think of anything that’s ever been done like it, hmm, maybe Star Wars with the movies, and books, and then the cartoon series?  Except Lucus keeps changing what “canon” is, so it’s hard to trust it…and then, I dunno, after the sparkling wonder that was the first Star Wars trilogy followed by the sour-tasting let down that was the second trilogy, I haven’t really kept up with that world.  (I hear they’re starting a new trilogy with old Han, old Leia, and old Luke!  Interesting, maybe?  I’m not sure….)

But this one, the Marvel Universe of the Avengers, (my review of the Avengers movie here), with its high-tech, magic, gods, aliens, super-heroes, mutants, all in this huge world with hundreds of characters and overlapping stories, tied together by over-arching plots….the way they’re handling it is just, gah, it’s just TERRIFIC.  And it’s gotten better, starting with the first Iron Man (some comments from me here in a surprisingly popular post) with its more cartoon-y feel (although I still enjoyed it) to the most recent Captain America 2: Winter Soldier (with its surprising realism)…I think they’ve just really held a dedication to character, and an avoidance—even when they are hip-deep in crazy super-hero shit and the jokes are flying—of falling into camp and silliness.  (For the most part.  Stan Lee cameos, anyone?)

Anyway, we’re all in at this point.  (Which I totally was for the second trilogy in the Star Wars world, which just goes to show, you can let your audience down and lose them, even with what feels liks rock solid Buy In…)

Back to  Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D.   There were several gasp-out-loud moments for me in the season finale, plus a few tears, and one actual SHRIEK.  If you’ve seen it, you know the shriek moment, when that certain someone offers a helping hand…?  And the end when Coulson finds that thing he was looking for, “I told you it was in here…” HAHAHAHA.  I’m sorry, I’m trying not to be spoilery.  But what a great episode!  I was so worried it would be stupid or leave me in a terrible cliff hanger, but no, it was awesome.  Highly recommended!

PLUS: did you know that Ming-na Wen, the hottie who plays the bad-ass, fantastic, gorgeous, smart, hard-as-nails, martial arts master of the team…is FIFTY YEARS OLD?  That’s right, the biggest action hero of the show is a middle aged woman!!  I LOVE HER.


Okay, the first half of the season was good.  Enjoyable, but a little…meh.   There were some dud-ish episodes in the mix, and it did have a tendency to be a freak-of-the week show for a while.  Then it was Skye-searches-for-her-parents, which I did not get into—Skye is the hardest character for me to like, honestly, and I put a lot of that down to her look (sorry I am so shallow), all styled hair and eyeliner…she was a hacker living in her van, for heaven’s sake.  She should look a little…scruffy.  And she’s so sweet and cheerful…anyway, whatever, that stopped being an issue for me somewhere around the time she got shot…and then the second half of the season got rolling.  Because then things started focusing more around Coulson.  Ah, Phil, Phil….

Plain, suit-wearing, fanboy, non-sexy (in the usual ways), big-hearted Phil Coulson!

Okay, I’m just gushing.  And isn’t this the best fan-song ever?  What, you didn’t click on the video yet?  Go on, clickie clickie!

Oh!  And then that thing happened with Ward.  Oh, Ward, Ward.  And now I’m all worried about Fitz!  I love Fitz, he’s such a sweetie.  Omgoodness….

So look.  If you liked Avengers and you saw Captain America 2, (which was awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t write a review of that one), I highly recommend you dip into Agents of SHIELD if you haven’t already, (and can I stop putting in the damn periods now?  It’s exhausting.), because the show has become a really, really a great time.  Seriously, if has shifted into turbo mode since Captain America 2 gave it a kick in the pants.  (Hmmm, I wonder what would be a kick in the pants like that for the novel I’m working on right now?  Like maybe, a nuclear war?  No, post-apocalypse is so over.)

But hey, if you don’t want to do all the catch up, you can probably get away with watching the pilot and then starting in around episode 13, which gives the necessary stuff to really enjoy the Captain America 2 cross-over and everything that comes after, which is when the show got SuperPowGood!  (Oooo, I just found a great article over at io9 about this very thing—they pretty much agree with the episode 13 thing—about which episodes to watch if you want to skip through to the best parts.  Some spoilers, be warned.)

AND we can rejoice because Agents of SHIELD got a second season, yay!  I’ll certainly be tuning in.

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