three weeks of NO internet and counting

Today, three weeks (!!!) after AT&T insisted that we cancel our old internet service in order to initiate the installation of our new internet service, we had our very first visit from an actual live technician.   No, he was not able to get our new service set up (because “the box is a mess” meaning the large steel box about a mile and half from here that is apparently the central hub for the area), but progress was made (“Yeah, the progress was that I discovered a big problem.”).   I was so happy to have an actual technician finally come out, I didn’t even care.

AT&T has stood us up for every appointment they have made with us, except that last one, and never called back any of the times they said they would call.  Honestly, this process with AT&T has been the single worst customer service experience I have ever had with any company, ever, in my forty-three years.  While 9 of the 10 individual people I have dealt with have done there darndest to help me out, “the system” has persistently blocked them, messed up, canceled appointments, etc. Indeed, this very morning when we were waiting for the third appointment for a tech, I decided to call and double-check that someone was really coming…and the gal said, “I have no record of that appointment being made.”  Unbelievable!  My head nearly exploded!

Why the heck are we switching?  Our old company could only offer 1.5 Mgps and AT&T lured us with 12 Mgps (for half the money).  1.5 to 12 is a big freaking jump.  If we ever get it.

But whatever, finally a guy did come.  Maybe he’ll return in the morning to finish the job?  I’m sitting here at the internet cafe across from Sophie who is drawing a chicken.  I feel completely disconnected from my life.  I’m shocked at how many people say things like, “Oh, I wouldn’t miss it,” or “I bet you’ll be glad for the break by the time you get it back,” or even, “must be nice!  You can engage with the real world!”  A hearty NO to all of those thoughts.  Seriously, I kind of want to punch these people, all of whom have internet….

Sorry for the rant.  Maybe I’ll be back up and running in the next day or two.  Maybe then I’ll be less crabby.

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