our interent is BACK, thanks to awesome tech guys who ROCKED

Okay, yesterday I complained about AT&T and the god-awful process we’ve had of getting our internet turned on.  Today I am going to go the other way and sing the praises of the three tech guys who worked for two long days to solve a crazy list of problems and finally got us the near-impossible high-speed internet out here in the boondocks.  They were all kinds of awesome.  Thank you guys, Eddie, Robert, and Danny!!!!  Seriously they went way above and beyond—when it looked like it was going to be a no-go, after three weeks of waiting no less, they got some new ideas about how to make it work and they did it.  Tramping through the woods, finding buried cable, installing a new high-tech card that could push the signal further, I don’t even know what all else.  Totally terrific work from them.  Huge kudos and thanks from us.

And I’m back!!! Man, it’s like sliding back into a tub of hot water, my muscles relaxing, dry information antennae uncurling and opening out….

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