all right, who was it?

After two and a half weeks we still have no internet and none is coming until May, can you believe that absurdity, in this day and age, all because AT&T lies.  But that’s another rant post.  Instead, I’ll tell you about one non-internet way to spice up an evening: the handy dandy whoopie cushion.

That’s right, poot jokes, FTW!  After the second appointment for the Great Internet Restoration was also canceled (not by us!) and the new appointment was a further two weeks into the future, depression would not be too strong a word for the mood around the yurt.  It was an emergency.  Enter the whoopy cushion and and endless stream of one or the other of us saying, “Oh, I think I’ll just SIT HERE and [activity of choice]…” PHTTHPPPTHTH!!!!

Giggle, giggle, giggle.

Okay, after and hour of on and off poot jokes, it was getting pretty tiresome.  But there we all were, doing our various non-internet related activties, when the cushion goes off.

We all look around.  There was no set up, no overly loud “I’ll just sit right here…”, no giggling.  Who was it?

That’s when we realized.  IT WAS HENRY!!

That’s right, our adorable dog sat, of his own free-will, on the abandoned whoopie cushion and then looked around like, “huh? what was that?”

HAHAHAHAHA.  We were DYING we were all laughing so hard.

 Henry and the whoopie cushion

He’s so cute.

In between whoopie cushion usage, we’re continuing to make daily treks to internet cafes, libraries, and various hot spots for a hour or so of connectivity, where I cram in as many tasks in as possible.  It’s starting to be the new routine.  If my calculations are correct, a month of no internet at home will cost us about $60 in gas for driving to wifi.



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