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Time for a cute kid post!  Luc, 8, today’s featured Cute Kid (TM), is developing quite the clever brain, with which he cracks me up on a daily basis.  For example, just now he told me, “Mother, I won’t be wearing my shoes inside.”luc Dec 2013  To which I scowled darkly, because it’s freaking cold and his bare feet are making me colder just looking at them.

“Mom,” he replies, rolling his eyes. “We never wear our shoes inside. P.S. Your face looks hilarious.”

Oh, that’s rich.  Where’s my respect?  My scowling face is hilarious, huh?  I’ll show you hilarious….

Here are the lyrics to a recent Luc Song, invented in the car on the way home yesterday. Too bad I can’t give you the tune, but it is a driving rhythm, fast and dynamic.  He even got Sophie singing it.

“Pants-less assassin.  He jumps off of buildings.  He assassinates people.  ‘Cause he’s an assassin.  He doesn’t wear pants, and he doesn’t wish to.  But you don’t have to worry, cause he’s wearing boxers.  Pants-less assassin.  Pants-less assassin! Yeah!”

And here is Luc in the bath the other night, singing again, this time to the tune of ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down.”luc Dec 2013 part 2

“Mommy, I’m hungry, won’t you make me some food,

And don’t you dare say that you’re not in the mood.

Go make me food.

Now, Now, Now, Now, Now.  Oo We Hoo!

I’ll tell you once more, before I fall to the floor, go make me food!”

That was impossible to resist, let me tell you.  He got a three-egg ketchup omelet (his favorite) off of that.

I’ll leave you with a photo he took and later cropped to this square shape, of sunset over the sound in Eastern North Carolina near where my grandma lives.  I’ve blogged Luc’s photos ever since he was four and could hold the camera.  He has always had such a unique perspective.

sound side sunset

I was taking pictures that day, too, and I’ll tell you, none of mine look anywhere near this good.  It’s like an abstract painting, modern art.  I just…what a cool kid!  I guess the majority of mom’s feel that way.

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  1. Shannon

    LOL. Jeff says record those songs onto you tube and make some money off the boy. “Exploitation is such a dirty word.” ;P

    As for me, made my morning. Thank you. Such a delight, and yes, I would have made the omelet too for him. Ketchup is how my grandpa got me to eat eggs when I was little, but they were scrambled. LOL

    Love that photo, Luc. Just beautiful! 😀


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