I made the bind on marichyasana D!!

It was a totally crappy Mari D, BUT STILL! I was so surprised! I was just moving through seated and thought, I wonder how far my hands are these days? I actually shouted in surprise when my fingers touched. Sophie rushed over and snapped a couple of super blurry documentary photos for proof….



Look! Actual finger to finger contact!

Now, I know I’m hunched over something terrible, and my arm is barely hooked on my knee, and oh, my god, please ignore the mess on the floor behind me.

But fingers! Are touching!

For comparison, here is beautiful example of Mari d, not me, obviously


I would never have thought it possible that I could be in this pretzel shape. Ever.  Never.  My fingers have made a 4.5 year journey to get around my back to each other. There is still a ways to go before the pose actually looks good, and I can only do one side…but, but, I did a freaking Mari D!

Maybe my plateau isn’t as completely plateau-y as I thought.

2 thoughts on “I made the bind on marichyasana D!!

  1. grimmly

    What’s that Kino said in her Primary series DVD, something like ‘Mari D one if the most challenging of asana in any of the Ashtanga series’. Congratulations : )
    Ps carefully coming out, that you don’t spring out, keep the forearm squeezing against your leg as you let go or BOING!


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