trigger point therapy for pain relief in high hamstring injuries

Still bumbling around with this hamstring injury.  It’s mostly on the left, but the right hurts, too—sympathetic pain?  I’m kind of depressed about the whole thing, honestly.  I’ve done a little bit yoga but everything feels so unstable, it isn’t very much fun.  I’m even feeling a bit down on yoga in general, as part of my malaise.  Poor fucking me.

One bright spot in all of this is my rediscovery of trigger point massage, which is really just the most marvelous discovery/invention of all time in the bodywork field, if you ask me.  I used it for relief the last time I injured my hamstring and it’s helping a huge amount once again.

Here, meet my uber-fantastic massage therapist:

This firm, high-bounce, rubber ball is my new best friend.  Actually, at $1 a pop I bought three of them, stashing them strategically about the yurt, so I’m ready for a mini-treatment at a moment’s notice.  Frequency is the best treatment plan for trigger points—mashing them a couple times a day for a few minutes is a lot more effective than once a week for an hour (typical massage therapist’s—very expensive—schedule).  Plus the relief they offer is something I want several times a day.  I’d hate to have to wait days for another appointment when I can self-treat whenever I want.

Maybe if I could have a massage therapist on retainer, living in an attached bungalow, sometone I could summon 24/7 with one of those velvet bell-pulls.  “Jeeves!  Massage me!”

[insert fond fantasy of spectacular wealth here]

Anyway, back in reality, whenever it hurts I lean my gluteus medius (kind of low-back area, more than one’s butt) up against a wall, pressing my trigger points with the pinky ball, feeling the tps light up my sit-bone (and sometimes down the hamstring, too) in the most exquisite pain.  These glut med trigger points are way up on the outer hip, miles  from the sit bone where the pain is.  But lean on it and BAM, pain right on that hammy attachment.

A couple of minutes is all it takes.  For me, post-treatment pain in the hamstring area is reduced by 50-75% or more.  It’s fantastic.  I walk away feeling close to normal and not limping about.  Much better than meds.  Here is a picture.

The circle is about where the trigger point is (for me, the upper and outer most portion of it), and that bright red area down under the butt is where the pain is.  This image is from a good article at saveyourself .com (love that URL) all about trigger points in this area.  Worth a look.

I reckon my yoga malaise will pass at some point.  But I’m taking it easy for now, trying to keep the habit of yoga alive by getting on the mat for just a few minutes every day, even though I find I am quite unwilling to do much of a practice.

About my pinky ball, however, I have zero ambivalence.

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