south wall is 95% up!

My cousin Noah, of Noah House fame, came to help Paul work on the bedroom for a few days.  It’s so cool to watch progress being made!

Here are the guys at work on the east wall.  Windows!


I liked this next shot because the trees were reflected in the glass….


Here is the inside of the West wall, the one with the cedar shakes outside.


It’s waiting for insulation and drywall (which I think is what Paul has decided to do with this wall).  It’s the only wall with studs and a more typical building style.  Rebellion from the slip-straw wall, I think.

For the south wall, the plan was All Glass.  But just as they were getting ready to get to it, Paul realized he only had one 4 foot wide sliding glass door—the others were all 3 foot wide.  Drat!  What to do?

We talked about closing in a foot on each corner and putting the 4″ one in the center.  Not ideal, but perhaps a reasonable compromise.  Noah suggested calling a local glass place and seeing just how much it would cost to buy sheets the size we wanted.

What?  Buy brand new materials?  Huh?

Paul scoffed.  “Time for some Craigslist-fu,” he said.  He got out his laptop and I swear to god, in ten minutes he had a line on a guy selling two 4″ sliding glass doors for $20 total.  Dude lived 20 minutes from here.  You couldn’t dial it in any more precisely than that, it was exactly what we needed.  Paul went and picked them up.  He and Noah installed them that afternoon.


The south wall!  So pretty!

I say the south wall is 95% done because there is a strip of open space still, underneath the glass that still needed to be closed in.  Window boxes maybe?

Here’s the thing: there is SO MUCH building material out there, gobs and gobs of stuff being thrown out every day.  Harvesting other people’s scrap has saved us thousands of dollars.

It takes flexibility in your approach, for sure—this isn’t going to Lowes Hardware and choosing the precise materials that define you as a person.  (Fight Club reference there.)  This is seeing what you’ve got on hand, what you can get cheap or free, and what you’d like to build, and finding some creative way to bring these things together.  Paul is a master of this.

By the way, to upcycle sliding glass doors into fixed windows like this, you want to take them apart and reverse the glass and then build new frames for the resulting glass sheets.  There is a gas between the panes in glass doors that, when the seal breaks down (which it will) lets in moisture which causes condensation between the panes.  Not good.  Plus there is a coating on the interior of the glass in glass doors that fogs over time. Turning the panes inside out lets you scrub the coating off and rebuilding a frame lets you seal it all up with new silicone to prevent condensation. You don’t want foggy windows five or ten years down the line.

So there you have it. The south wall (mostly) and some of the east wall.  Next, I think, is the masonry and cordwood in the east wall, plus this super fancy stained glass door Paul got from somewhere.  Then, the interior!  Could we be in by the end of the year???  That would be cool.

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