not the post i planned to write, and i seem to have misplaced my magic realism somewhere

I just started a post on all the great character driven yaoi/boys love manga I’ve read lately and so I began making a list, going through my Completed piles and Currently Reading piles, and sheesh, my list of good stuff got so long I became overwhelmed and before I even started, I gave up. Maybe I should break it up into several posts, say, a comedy list and a drama list?  A-M, and N-Z.  Best and runner ups?

Honestly, I never would have thought I would be interested in reading romance stories about gay dudes, but hey, I’m a firm believer in reading whatever the heck you want to read.  No shame!  I read a shit-ton of other stuff, too, so I maybe it all balances out in the end.  Alternative romance for the win!

Anyway.  I’m waiting on Lucidity Effect to come back from my editor (prepare the alcohol! Because getting a editor letter is always like taking a gut punch and requires liberal applications of spirits to weather it safely)  and so I’ve been using the time to read lots of manga work up the next novel.  It is as of yet untitled, but it I know it has a runaway violinist in it, a superstitious waitress, and a rather violent cook.  It takes place mostly in a restaurant.  I think.  At any rate, I’m doing the pre-writing, with the goal of getting my Preliminary List of Scenes by the end of next week when Lucidity is scheduled to return (and the drinking commences).

HOWEVER.  Something is strangely wrong with this new novel.  Already.  I hesitate to even say this outloud, but, so far this new novel has no SF in it.  No fantasy element.  No magic realism.  No new weird.  No paranormal…anything.

What.  The.  Fuck.  It’s as if someone who has been hard core gay since birth suddenly finds themselves attracted to someone of the opposite sex.  How can I write a straight novel?  I can’t write a straight novel!  This can’t be right!  This isn’t me!  Something has gone terribly wrong here!

But it might be so.  I mean, there is something to do with a string of coincidences in the new book that might turn into…something…but so far this element is failing spectacularly to shape up into anything paranormal, magical, or otherworldly.  It just isn’t.

I don’t understand.

Most of those yaoi I was going to do a machine-gun review of are not fantasy.  Actually, maybe none of them are.  Is that it?  Input equals output?  Is it because I’ve read so many non-fantasy manga in the last few months that my own writing has misplaced its magic-realism?

It isn’t that I don’t want to read about demons or wizards or psychics or fallen angels or curses or ghosts or aliens or whathaveyou.  Those guys are always who I go visit first in the book store.  I mean, I’m not switching teams or anything.  Surely this is just temporary.  Just a phase.

But…it is possible, at these early stages (too soon to tell!), that I am writing a, gulp, normal, straight, novel.  For the first time ever.

Which will be really, really weird, so maybe that is the weirdness I’m looking for right there.

No, no, no.  I’m still holding out for vampires.  Or something.

Stay tuned for ginormous boy’s love manga post!  Maybe.

3 thoughts on “not the post i planned to write, and i seem to have misplaced my magic realism somewhere

  1. Mike Brown

    Maybe it’ll be “normal” the way a David Lynch movie is “normal”? No vampires or demons but primal weirdness.

    PS — Love the blog. I took your Visual Journaling course at the ArtsCenter many years ago (I think it was the last one you did) and still find value in some of the exercises we did, and use them when I’m stuck on a knotty three-pipe problem.

    Cheers — (oh, and I’m a fan of AJATT too — guy’s amazing!)

    1. maya Post author

      hi David, wow, long time no see, that was what, 15 years ago or something? i am amazed and delighted to hear that class is still of value to you! i had a great time teaching it. i was just thinking about that class the other day, that is two times it has come up, maybe i should do some visual journaling in this new book! the fates are trying to kick me in the head with a clue….
      And yeah, hmm, David lynch is a fascinating case study, i’m going to think on that. You might be onto something.

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