the north wall of the bedroom is finished! 3 more walls to go….

You might recall that Paul has been working on a bedroom for us and did most of the north wall in slip straw, or a clay/straw mixture, that is cheap, easy, and neat looking, but, according to Paul, and I quote, boring as fuck to do.  Anyway, he had gotten nearly through one wall, the north one, before he decided he couldn’t take it anymore, no matter how cheap it was, and he quit.

So last weekend he filled in the remaining spots with…other things.

You can see a bit of the yurt off to the left there.  I can almost touch both the bedroom and the yurt at the same time if I stand at the closest point between them and stretch my arms out.  I imagine this corridor will be walked regularly when going from the front to the back of the place. I’m thinking a little path, a few cute plants, I don’t know.  But the point it, we’ll probably be looking at this wall quite a bit as we walk by. I’m glad it’s so cool looking!  Like a patchwork quilt.  Classic Paul.

I love the little rocks he put in the masonry section here, in between the big rocks.

And this corner section with the bricks reminds me of a bookshelf.  Luc had a great time breaking the bricks into pieces to fit into the shorter rows.  He used a giant hammer.  I couldn’t watch.

But this is the best part…

Up in the corner, someones is watching us.  Hopefully this fellow will help scare away any gremlins that come by for a visit.

Next, the West Wall.  A big, recycled window has gone in already, and some plywood, plus a glass brick.  Pictures to come.

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