Bayleaf Farmstead

Bayleaf Farmstead, a Wealden House from Chiddingstone.

“Bayleaf is the finest of the three houses presented to the Museum in 1968 by the East Surrey Water Company from the site of the Bough Beech Reservoir. It was originally built in the 15th or early 16th century, and has been re-erected in its original form, later alterations and additions being omitted. The farmstead group was completed in 1988 with the barn from Cowfold dating from 1536. The landscape, farming equipment and domestic furniture, which are all modern replicas, show the farmstead as it might have been in about 1540. Bayleaf is a timber framed hall house dating mainly from the early 15th century. The open hall in the middle of the house is entered from the screens passage. Next to the passage are the buttery and the pantry. At the other end of the hall a door gives access to an upper chamber known as the ‘solar’. The hall is heated by an open fire.”

Text taken from the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum website.

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