powerless — but i still have dreams!

After a huge, freak storm (zero visibility! downed trees! real, freaking, HAIL, plus a rumored tornado!) we’ve had no power for what feels like an eternity.  I’ve been checking the occasional email on Paul’s phone, and I type this post from the air conditioned heaven of the public library, but have been mostly radio-silent.  I call the power company and they say some version of, “I’m sorry, we have no information for you at this time.”  Which isn’t very encouraging.  I’m starting to get the shakes.  I need my internet and my vita-mix and my hot baths.  I am not a roughing-it kind of girl.

Anyway, I’ve got a nice post coming on the juice fast and beyond….  And hey, have you noticed that after many months of no movement at all on the word count bar over there on the right, has begun sneaking up again?  If I post this, stop stalling, and GET TO FREAKING WORK, I should cross 25,000 words in the next couple of hours….

Maybe the power will come back tonight.  I hope I hope I hope….

Oh!  And I have a new mission in life!  A new dream to fulfill, as it were.  Actually it’s an old dream, revised and re-enervated.  I’m knitting again, you see, after a eight year break (yes, this corresponds to the age of my first born, how about that?).  And I know, I know, where can I possibly find the time??  But really it’s no big deal, I just knit while I’m doing the things I was already doing, only my hands were free, and now they’re busy.  See?  No extra time required (except the looking at patterns, and oogling yarn at the yarn store, and discovering ravelry.com which didn’t exist when I last was knitting, but, well, you know.  None of that matters!  In the same way that cupcake crumbs have no calories!).

But the new mission!  Right.  Here it is:  I am going to learn to knit two socks at the same time on one long needed using Koigu yarn!

Hand to my heart (or should it be my foot?) I am going to achieve this semi-mystical goal!  This summer!  By hell or high water, it will be done!

Basically, I have had a hard-on for Koigu for fifteen years and I’m finally going to do something about it.  Why wait?  I could die tomorrow in a freak storm, right?

Koigu!  Super-soft merino dyed a million gorgeous colors! Nom, nom, nom….

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