happy bunny day!

Hidden eggs have been found, re-hidden, found again.  Chocolate has been unwrapped from its little foil wrappers and eaten and then the little foil wrappers have been painstakingly smoothed out for nonspecific future projects by Sophie (?!).  Board games are currently being played, cutthroat Go Fish, high stakes Secret Door.  Life is blooming, baby chicks at the feed store the other day, spring leaves everywhere outside, the creek and pond are full, it’s fifty degrees in the morning and eighty in the afternoon… winter is well and done!

Happy Spring!

4 thoughts on “happy bunny day!

  1. grimmly

    happy Bunny day to you all too or , as I heard it described for the first time this morning, Happy Zombie Jesus Day.

    1. maya Post author

      Hi everyone, thanks for the bunny wishes!
      Happy Zombie Jesus, that sounds like a Tim Minchin song, Magic Woody Allen Zombie Jesus, I wonder which came first, the name or the song?


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