that sound is me panting

[ETA: For some reason wordpress doesn’t want to give me any linebreaks in this post.  Is it connected to the run-on life that is the subject of this post?  Probably.]
Holy cow, we have been so busy. I just fall into the bed at night, vibrating with the busy-ness. It’s all good, friends, parties, food, projects, classes—but man, I’m tired. This weekend we have Luc’s Sixth Birthday party and family coming in from out of town (massive cleaning needed STAT). And then, of course, HALLOWEEN, woo hoo! Which means ginormous sugar mania for at least forty-eight hours (and then the crash, kerplow). Sophie’s pottery class just finished, but painting class is starting up. There is a giant pile of white clothes that need to get dyed. I’m putting out my new novel. And the usual aikido, park days, visiting family, groceries, oh, have to remember to return the library books—
I want to post about my David Williams night last night (wonderful), and do a post about the Halloween decoration extravaganza down the street (hilarious), and I’ve got a post beating around in my head about kids and sex (seriously), plus a post on the recent advances of our current construction project (a bedroom)….
If I can just get a minute to catch my breath!
Here, have some photos to tide you over. There are always a plethora of surprises on my camera….
Sophie and the baboons meet at the zoo a few weeks ago….
Sophie’s portrait of the mama baboon that hung out with her for a good twenty minutes:
The huge load of cedar beams delivered from a wood mill friend of Paul’s, timberframes for the new bedroom:
How about some giant paper-mache puppets (you can see some of the puppeteers at the bottom of the picture) from a play we attended in September—yes, it’s been at least that long since I emptied my camera’s memory card).  An amazing show!
And let’s finish with some lovely examples of Sophie’s cooking.  Play-dough sushi, anyone?
Or how about this fairy food feast?
Or, this, mmmmm, a strawberry pie?  Okay, I helped with that last one….
Life is FULL.

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