thor eats honey o’s!

Being the Avengers fans that we are, of course we watched Thor when it hit DVD.  Well, I mean, when I noticed that it had hit DVD.  We loved it, of course, because why not?  It’s full of spectacle and fun and we simply Can. Not. Wait. for the Avengers movie next summer.

But you can not imagine how we screamed when we saw this nondescript, quiet moment in an otherwise flashy to the point of insanity movie:

What?  You don’t immediately recognize that product placement sliver of cereal box  in this screenshot, taken in a frenzy with Paul’s mobile phone while we paused the movie, needing IMMEDIATE documentation of this momentous fact:  Thor Eats Honey Os!  What?  This doesn’t seem significant to you?  Okay. Let me lay it out.

Luc lives on Honey O’s.  In point of fact, his little body is at least 77% composed of Honey Os.  Sometimes more.  The Trader Joe’s brand, as pictured here, no other brand will do, don’t even think it.  When asked, at any time of the day or night, what he would like to eat, Luc’s answer is always, always, “A bowl of Honey O’s.”  Indeed, Luc will eat Honey O’s several times a day if free to do so.  We strive to broaden his choices to no avail.  Indeed, Luc is sick of our striving.

So, imagine Luc’s righteous vindication at seeing Thor and Honey O’s in the same fictional kitchen!  In fact, Luc jumped to his feet, right on the sofa, nearly shouting in triumph, “SEE, MOM?  HONEY O’S ARE WHY THOR IS SO STRONG!”

We are never going to hear the end of this.

And hey, maybe he is onto something because clearly, Luc is a small Thor, golden hair, blue eyes, it’s all there:

Can’t you see the likeness?

Luc is Thor to be.

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