the legion of extraordinary dancers

Prepare to be astounded. And I may be the last person on the internets to find out about these amazing people, but so what, I’m here now.  I saw these dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance” last week (which I love, see last year’s post on the topic here) and got chills.  Chills, I tell you. It’s dancers as Superheroes with Astonishing Powers fighting Epic Battles in the name of Justice.  I mean, what is not to like about that?  If you haven’t seen it, be sure to watch to the end for mind-blowing goodness.

Holy. Shit.

I did not know real humans could do that.

Turns out the Legion have a whole webshow—Sophie and I watched some today, total awesomness. Here’s their site for more on that.

And I’ll leave you with their TED talk, some dancing, some talking, really interesting.

Oh, wait, one more…just for fun, an amazing dancing video, it’s been making the rounds, but I’ve watched it a handful of times and it still rocks in it’s capacity to create wonder. Yo-yo Ma playing, Lil’ Buck dancing, the two of them making ART.

People doing strange things in the name of art never fails to make me happy.

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