cast be gone!

Here are Luc and Sophie shortly after we came home from the hospital the first time, with Luc’s broken elbow and arm in many layers of cotton, bandages, plaster, ace bandages, and a sling.  That thing was massive.

I wonder what those kids were looking at?  I can’t remember now.  Anyway, he came home with that and then a few days later they put another layer on, purple fiber-glass.  I never thought to get a photo of it, though!  The purple club shall go undocumented.  Oh well.

Luc wore the purple cast for a month and then they cut it off and took the pins out of his arm, the pins that had been holding his bones together.  I saw the x-rays, the whole end of his humerus was broken off and at, maybe, 45 degrees from the rest of the bone.  He would have lost the use of that arm without those pins.  Sophie and I watched them take them out.  Those fuckers were four inches long, stainless steel, one going in on each side and crossing in the center of his upper arm bone.  They pulled them out with PLIERS, just got hold and yanked them out.  Blood spurted, I kid you not, but it was all over in seconds and they wrapped his poor little arm back up.  We brought the pins home as a battle-wound souvenir.  The doctor thought that was weird.

Here is the much smaller, blue fiber-glass cast he wore after that.  It was wonderful because he didn’t have to keep his arm tied in to his stomach all the time.

That was yesterday.

Here he is this morning…

“Are you sure it can’t cut me?”

…a little nervous about the saw.

Sophie held his hair back.

Then came the tearing of the cotton.  I think even this small act of Cast Destruction was extremely enjoyable for Luc.

His little arm!  It looks so skinny and…so…skinny!  Poor little arm, like a breakable toothpick…

The last bandages that had covered the blood-spurting pin-holes say good-bye.

“It feels funny.”

To celebrate, we got a Cast Away Ice Cream Cake with the international no cast  symbol on it:

They say the bones will take another month to fully heal, so my little guy is still on no run, no climb, no fall rules for a while longer.  But he can scratch, about which he is very happy.

Soon he’ll be back to Full Luc Strength!

Okay, this is maybe weird, but I cried a little on the way home, a few tears of that “the trauma is over” release sort of crying.  My little guy was broken but he’s getting better.

I’m so grateful that we had access to the surgery that saved his arm.

4 thoughts on “cast be gone!

  1. Shannon

    There are some good things about modern medicine. This is one of them. Congrats on getting the cast off. I know it’s hard, but go slow and let that arm get strong again. Good flex there Luc. 😀

  2. Shannon

    Oh and gentle massaging daily will help with blood flow, repair of damage and muscle tone. Oh yeah, and it feels good. 😀


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