we’ll get through this

We have watched 26 episodes of Avengers: World’s Mightiest Heros, 13 episodes of The Incredible Hulk, and 22 episodes of Iron Man.  When the superhero mythos is getting a little too thick, we switch to Backyardigans.  And the occasional Leverage, for me, when Luc is asleep.

My brain is total mush.

I mean total.

Besides the tv/ipad, other items of VITAL importance to Little Boy Surgical Recovery: Twisty straws.  Chewing gum.  Apple juice.  Dragon tattoos.  Whoopie cushion.

5 thoughts on “we’ll get through this

  1. Hannah

    So sorry to hear about Luc’s misfortune (and yours, by proxy)! Hope he heals up fast. Around our house, we find Backyardigans to be the cure for a wide variety of ills. Especially the “Masked Retriever” episode, in which Uniqua is a librarian by day and a Zorro-esque rescuer of overdue library books by night.

  2. maya Post author

    Hi Hannah! Actually we have a strict No Singing The Masked Retriever Song rule around here. Strict. On the other hand, Dragon Mountain songs are okay, and also Into the Deep. (We love the mermaid freak-out.)

    Hi Shannon, the whoopie cushion is for making Luc giggle, which become a sound of Pure Gold when you are waiting for it to be time for his pain meds again but his arm has already started hurting. Anything that makes him giggle during those 50-60 minutes is worth it. No humiliation is too great. 🙂

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