rubyfish lives!

Check it out, our little (very very little) etsy shop just went live!  We’ve still got a few more things we can list, and we make new things all the time, of course.  Sophie couldn’t be more proud if she had opened a retail shop in the local mall.  What we have here is little girl with entrepreneurial inclinations, foregoing the traditional lemonade stand in favor of a handmade clothing boutique.  Why not, right?  It’s the internet, land of opportunity.  All the designs are hers, and at least half the work is hers on most of the pieces.  I’m the tech support, safety equipment supplier, roadie, problem solver, and all around grunt in this operation.  I defer to her in all design questions.  Go Sophie!

If you, or someone you know, likes comfortable, colorful yoga/dance/lounge clothes, or little girl twirl around clothes, send ’em to RubyFish pronto.  I can’t imagine what Sophie is going to do when she gets her first sale.  But I’ll let you know when it happens.

5 thoughts on “rubyfish lives!

  1. Shannon

    Congrats to the Rubyfish team! May your first sale be soon. I would like it to be me, but we strapped on cash. 😛 So I’ll root for you on the sidelines for now. We’ll see about later. 😀

    1. maya Post author

      Thank you Cathy and Shannon! And thanks Jess for becoming our first customer! How cool is that? Very cool!

  2. Shannon

    How about t-shirts, tops, etc. with the logo? Good advertising and such a lovely design. You can do that in all kinds of sizes.


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