moon moth masacre

What the heck is going on with the moths around here? A week ago it was cicadas. Now we have luna moths. I’m serious!  Everywhere we look we see beautiful luna moths, winging their way through the forest, day or night, high or low. Look at this one I managed to photograph before it flew away:

A moon crown for a goddess!

But then, this morning, this mysterious scene on the path of our usual dog walk through the woods…don’t look if you’re faint of heart.

The crime scene.

What the heck happened? The remains of a fairy war? They all drank the luna moth kool-aid?   The cat?

And then a couple of nights ago, Sophie came running out of the bathhouse shouting, “It’s Mothra! Come quick! Hurry!  And bring the camera!”

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Isn’t that the coolest looking critter you’ve seen in a while? I mean…dang. I love his little fuzzy head.  Who designed these little guys?  I want that job!

Maybe this one killed the other ones in an epic moth battle.  Maybe the moon moths sacrificed themselves to it in a frenzy of passion and moth-lust.  Maybe he was here to pay his respects.  Maybe he was just passing through.

We may never know.

2 thoughts on “moon moth masacre

  1. Holly Hamilton

    Ok that is perfectly natural for moon moths/ Luna moths because they have no mouths as moths. The Luna moths die after a week of emerging as moths, and almost always after they mate. Essentially those little moths just starved to death after mating.


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