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Tremendous thunder storm last night, I thought for sure the pine trees were going to crush us in our sleep.  I woke over and over to thunder booms—storms are SUPER LOUD in a yurt.  But we’re all fine this morning, lived to see another glorious day in the forest.  Everything is sparkly and moist, I love that.

Anyway, I’m up to 20,000 words in my drafting of the wip—wait, wasn’t I at 30,000 last time I posted about this?  I know, I know, but I had to throw out a big pile of words and write four new chapters, had a great idea for how to fix the trend to BORING that the previous version had.  So, the new, improved, version is at 20,000 and ticking along nicely, although I need to get my main character more fixed in my mind.  She waffles.  Which is totally typical at this stage.  On the down side, my new idea meant I had to go and do a bunch of research on interrogation, GOD humanity is so fucked up.  Have you heard of “enhanced interrogation,” all “legal” whatever that means, and pretty much evil, if you ask me.  Jeezus.  Well, my poor characters, why do I do this to them.  I’m sure they would have been happy with the “regular” interrogation, but no, I had to go and “enhance” it.

It’s interesting to see that, so far, this novel is a totally typical novel process for me.  I mean, interesting (to me, anyway) that I have a typical novel process.  Here it is: push forward to 100 pages, run out of steam.  Go back to the beginning and find out what went wrong.  Get some ideas and implement.  Push forward again, maybe to 150 pages.  Run dry.  Repeat.  Push forward again.  Until finally, finally, I reach the end.  Party.  Let it rest, binge read, watch movies, eat chocolate, play with kids.  After obligatory resting period and recuperation, print out that bad boy and read it.  Realize, FINALLY, what the novel is about.  Begin Real Revision.

I’m hoping to reach the Real Revision, what I usually call the Second Draft, although it’s all been through multiple versions by then, by the end of June.  I may be fooling myself.  I probably am fooling myself.

So!  In other writing news, I got a near-done progress report image from my cover artist yesterday, and it looks terrific, I’m so pleased.  Actually, I am TOTALLY STOKED to release Conjuring Raine into the world as a print book, hopefully very, very soon.  Like yesterday!  Okay, not yesterday, because I have not perfected my time machine.  YET.  And then the next novel to be released, I think, will be last year’s project, Toby Streams the Universe (working title, I’m not sure about it…) which I got back from the editor recently and hope to rewrite later this summer.  So stay tuned for news on that.

So many projects, so little time!

2 thoughts on “the writing life

  1. Deborah

    (head cocked to the side, stupefied look) “So, um, like, you’re a REAL writer? Wow! I’m exchanging messages with a reeeeeal writer!”

    Seriously, I enjoy your blog. I’d buy a book.

    1. maya Post author

      Yep, I’m a really real writer. Unless I’m a figment of your imagination. Or possibly a figment of mine. Yes, buy a book! 🙂 Coming so very soon…


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