no more uni-boob!

Okay, so look.  I can’t find a cotton, wire-less, supportive, skinny strap, yoga bra that isn’t a uni-boob bra and it’s driving me crazy.  There are a MILLION-TRILLION (Luc’s favorite number) bras for sale in the world and, as far as I can tell, NONE of them fit my criteria.  A little lifting and separating in an otherwise sporty bra, that’s all I’m asking for here.  Why do bra designers want to cram all the goodies into one lump on the front?  Let me reiterate: I need to be able to get upside down in a headstand without getting hit in the face by one of the girls (you’d be amazed how much of bra technology is suspension-based—imagine what would happen if you turned the San Fran bridge upside down and you get the picture).  I need it to be cotton not some weird plastic/fabric mash-up.  And I don’t want a freaking unified glob of breast tissue on my front.  I have two of them, I’d like it to look like I have two of them.  The way the Goddess intended.

Why is this so hard?  A friend of mine just got a replacement hip, for crying out loud, and I can’t find a half-way decent bra to do yoga in.  It’s a tragedy, I’m telling you.  A tragedy.

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