man with no eyes uses echolocation to see–incredible, don’t miss

You know that scene in Daredevil where Ben Affleck gets a “look” at pretty Jennifer Garner by hearing the sound of rain drops falling on her face?  I ran across this article about Daniel Kish, blind from birth, who uses echolocation to “see” in a similar way.  No shit.  He can ride a bike through traffic, ride down a steep and narrow mountain path (I can’t freaking do that), identify trees and buildings at 1000 feet, go hiking by himself—all by hearing the bounce-back of this tongue-click sound he makes.  Watching him do these things, it’s hard to remember that the man has no eyeballs.

Here is another video of him and another blind fellow, Juan, who Daniel trained.  Totally amazing.

I’m not kidding, if you haven’t already, go read the article, it will blow your mind.  Also, here is his organization, World Access for the Blind, through which he teaches other blind people to do what he can do.   And here is the wikipedia article on human echolocation.

Humans can be so cool.

3 thoughts on “man with no eyes uses echolocation to see–incredible, don’t miss

  1. David Cottle

    Daniel is my nephew and we grew up together. It is all true. And he uses his talents to teach others.

    1. maya Post author

      Wow! Hi David, thanks so much for saying hello, that’s very cool. When I read the article about Daniel, I was blown away. What an amazing story!


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