state of the backbend, spring 2011

Check it out.  Me this morning.  Progress is happening.

(Isn’t this a cute Rubyfish tank-top that Sophie designed with the dragonfly stamp?)

For comparison, here I am in July 2o10, about ten months ago.  I had been doing ashtanga for a little less than a year at that point.

As I’ve mentioned, when I started ashtanga, a “hang back” for me, literally, was standing straight up and down.  I couldn’t go back at all.  So I was pretty happy when I took the red tank pic where I could actually see the ceiling.

Here I was in January of this year:

The purple shirt picture was just three months ago—quite a lot of change between that and the dragonfly tank picture.  And I’m feeling a lot of change, movement in my upper back (although it still looks pretty straight in the picture).

I’m attributing this rate of change with the David Williams trick of holding the Up Dogs in each vinyasa for five breaths.  Lot of vinyasas in full Primary (which is what I’m doing at the moment), so that’s a lot of chances to work on warming up, extending, and arching the spine, even in Primary where there very few other back-bends.

Given how stiff my back was when I started, I’m excited to see this progress.  I’m almost horizontal!  Maybe I won’t turn into a hunch-backed old lady after all.

5 thoughts on “state of the backbend, spring 2011

  1. grimmly Grimmly

    That’s quite something Maya, probably enough bend in the back now to drop back, probably just a case of working on getting the hips forward, the shoulders back and of course the breath.

    1. maya Post author

      Jeez, you think? No way do I feel ready to try dropping back, I am certain that action will BREAK ME.

    1. maya Post author

      Are you kidding? Of course you can refer to me in a post. I’m honored, Grimmly-san. But I still don’t buy that a drop back will not drop kick me to the curb. But…I’m considering it. I’m rubbing my chin thoughtfully. I’m plotting how I’m going to rig a hold-Maya-up device for practicing with. I need some of Laruga’s wires.

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