rubyfish swims slowly upstream

Some of you may recall that Sophie, 7, and I have had plans to open an Etsy shop named Rubyfish where we will sell some of our hand-dyed, hand-stamped, hand-painted clothes. It may seem as though nothing has happened with that, but no. We have been busily (sort of) working behind the scenes, getting ready for a grand opening. No really, we have! We have our logo, our header, we have our federal tax ID number, and we have been dyeing stuff like crazy. Such little worker bees we are!

However. We keep deciding to, ahem, keep our goodies. Like the hot pink “love” panties (stamped with a red heart and hand-painted “love” in white) that I pocketed, or the black so-called “ninja pants” (gold hand-carved stamp of “dragon” in ancient Chinese) that Sophie started wearing. Or the olive dyed, super soft tank-top with a cool black hand-carved lotus stamp on the upper back (I claimed that one). Or the dyed turquoise t-shirt with a stamped and hand-painted green-and-gold dragonfly on the chest (Sophie snagged that the other day, and I can’t blame her, she looks terrific in it). I would take pictures of all these lovelies for you, but they are all in the wash. Because we can’t stop wearing them.

I mentioned this to Sophie this morning and she shrugged and said, “Well, at least it means we like our own art.”

That kid is so smart.

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