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An InfernoWrap is a heat wrap thingy for injuries that is sort of like a heating pad, only not. I got my hands on an one when I was about six months into practicing Ashtanga yoga and my wrists were killing me. I was desperate because I loved the practice, in spite of all the time spent with weight on my hands, and I really didn’t want to quit, but my little stick-skinny wrists, especially the one that I broke as a teen (it’s always ached) were hating it. I started icing them after practice (sporadically, if it hurt) and then doing this InfernoWrap each evening before bed. Dang if my wrists didn’t get better.

Maybe they would have anyway, maybe I got stronger, maybe my asana alignment improved, I don’t know. I do know that sitting for twenty minutes watching tv, heating first one wrist, then the other, felt DIVINE. I looked forward to it all day. But eventually found I didn’t need it any more.

Fast forward to my recent hamstring injury and you know I pulled out the InfernoWrap again. I just sit on it so the sit-bone is pressed into it and the length of the wrap goes down the hamstring. It feels fantastic and I think it’s helping the hamstring tremendously—if I use it before practice, I have no pain later. The effect, a warmed-up ease in the tissue, lasts for quite a while after a treatment, too, I notice. Plus the kids love to razz me about how “Mommy has to warm her bum,” and Paul likes to say, “Your ass is hot enough already, honey,” so there you go.

I have no idea what this thing is, honestly. It’s kind of like heating pad, but it isn’t, because it barely gets warm to the touch. So it is not an electric burner that heats up. But the sensation after a few minutes is one of extremely lovely heat inside the body (not so much on the skin). How does that work? I hope I’m not cooking myself with weird Y-rays or gamma radiation or something. If I turn into the Hulk, you’ll know why. The wraps come in various shapes—mine is a basic flat that has a velcro loop on one end that I could hook on my thumb to help with wrapping my wrist, but it lies flat, too. They seem pretty pricey at full retail (I got mine 2nd hand), and I notice the website has the kind of over-the-top hyperbole that often drives me away—the kind that makes me think it’s probably a scam. So that’s kind of problematic.

But here’s the thing, I adore mine. I attribute much soft-tissue healing to it’s magic properties, whatever the hell they are. I don’t find I feel that way about my regular heating pad which has a different sensation, a dry hot that stays on the surface of my skin over the injured area. The InfernoWrap feels hot inside where the pain is. I don’t understand why, but it does. Bottom line, the it feels wonderful and seriously reduces pain.

So, I can’t explain it, but I thought I’d pass this on. If you’ve got old or chronic soft-tissue injuries consider getting one.

I’m not getting any kick-back on this. Your mileage may vary. And no, you can’t borrow mine.

17 thoughts on “inferno wrap for yoga injuries

  1. joyce

    Thank you for your comments on this product. Just discovered it surfing on the web, and I was looking for some honest reviews. Glad it worked for you!

  2. maya Post author

    Hi Joyce, thanks for dropping by and I’m glad my review helped you out. Hey, if you get one, I’d be curious what you think. I still use mine, still love it.

  3. Ted Miller

    Hi Maya,

    Thanks for posting your comments on this “Inferno” thing…I am searching for honest reviews and everything I seem to find is from one of the dozens of the “Inferno” company’s websites.

    It is very disheartening to see that “” has ceased being about opinions and has simply become another “Amazon” type of site.

    Take care!

    1. maya Post author

      Hi Ted, Nice to meet you. Yeah, I still love my inferno wrap, so happy camper here years later. I fear that having said that, the whole thing really is a weird scam because you’re right, the hype and planted reviews situation about them is absurd and make me doubt the veracity of the things, even as I’m cuddled up to it like it is a my favorite teddy bear, ha. Good luck with your search!

  4. Darren

    Hi Maya,

    Thank you for your comments on one of our products. I also very much appreciate the feedback regarding our product reviews as well. All reviews we post are from real users and really thought it would be helpful, but I can see how some might misinterpret this. We have all our reviews databased with contact information for each review – so please know they are not planted.

    The Inferno Wrap has truly helped many of our customers and is a fully FDA registered medical product. It is an expensive, quality product for us to manufacture and it disappoints me that my websites make readers suspicious of its effectiveness.

    I understand that many business practices these days result in a lot of wariness, and for good reason.. but please know that we stand by our 60 day money back guarantee so you can decide for yourself if the Inferno Wrap is worth it..

    Thank you for your time and sorry for the long post,
    Darren Cole

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  6. Nick

    Ive had a dodgy ankle for years and it usually takes a few days of hobbling around every time I roll it. On the last go round I used the inferno wrap and it was the shortest hobbling I’ve ever had by a king shot. I agree the testimonials on the mend me shop seem over the top but I’m a convert. I hate dropping cash in anything but I’m glad I did on this.

    After reading the above I’m about to go and try using my ankle wrap on my dodgy wrist. Here’s a hoping I can work a miracle on that too. It’s bugged me for years.

    1. maya Post author

      Hi Nick, nice to meet you. Yeah, I love my inferno wrap, I’ve used it for many assorted aches. Sorry about your ankle, glad it worked its way through quickly. Thanks for your comment!


    thank you so much for your review of this device. I found it surfing the web and am DESPERATE for relief of my bilaterial shoulder tendonitis. I have been in constant pain for about a month. Forget sleeping. It’s impossible to lay down! The doctor only gave me pain pills and anti-inflamatory pills. Had an MRI and there are no tears in either shoulder, but just serious case of tendonitis in both shoulders. It’s really getting depressing. I ordered the shoulder freezie wrap and inferno wrap and they are supposed to come tomorrow. I am really hoping for the same success story that you have had. thanks for the reassurance that I didn’t waste my money!

  8. PATTI

    I just received mine – for the ankle/achilles. Question, is there any harm in using it for extended periods of time?

    1. maya Post author

      Hello Patti, I hope it helps. I’m not really qualified to answer that, but it seems like I read somewhere in the infernowrap site materials that you shouldn’t use it more for than 20 or 30 minutes at a time. I may be making that up. My strong suggestion would be to call them and talk to them. They seem very knowledgeable. alternately, I believe there is a forum on the site where people ask questions like that. Good luck!

  9. JohnSampson

    Like Janelle mentioned above, my doctor also prescribed a course of NSAID drugs to treat a shoulder ailment. Mine involved tendonitis of the supraspinatus tendon and I also had some moderate tears of two of the rotator cuff muscles.

    Did the medication work work in my case? Not in the least.

    I found out about the Inferno Wrap while surfing online, researching about shoulder injuries. I decided to take a chance on it. There was a 60 day day money back guarantee, so really, what did I have to lose?

    I was fairly happy with the results I was experiencing even after a month of use. I was combining the Inferno Wrap with some very basic stretching to help the extensibility factor. I continued the protocol for another month and quite frankly, I felt my shoulder was close to 90% by that time. I was still taking it relatively easy in terms of activity, but I was quite happy with the results overall.

    Overall, my personal review of the Shoulder Inferno Wrap – it was worth the investment.

    Best of luck to others who try it as well.

  10. Ian

    I have a thumb tendon rupture repaired by tendon graft surgery. They talk alot about healing the wrist and the website shows pictures of the inferno in action, it appears that it does not heat the thumb 🙁 Does the inferno thumb wrap also heat up and provide healing. That would be nice for me seeing as my thumb needs the healing not my wrist as much.

  11. David

    Actually the energy web on the Wrist Inferno Wrap can be positioned in many different ways. Simply position the energy over the portion of the thumb you want to treat – and then wraps the single straps in a way to help mildly secure the wrap in place. I have personally used the wrap for De Quervain’s – it works exceptionally well.

    You can use the same wrap over other areas of the body – the forearms, foot, lower leg, and more.


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