eggs, before and after

Eggs come in all sizes.  Long-time readers may recall that we keep chickens, sweet chickens who like to be picked up and petted, and who lay eggs of all colors, no kidding.  We also have a friend who keeps emus.  Crazy big birds who lay giant, teal colored eggs, one will make whole quiche.  And, recently, we met a gal who keeps pheasants.  Little tiny taupe-colored eggs, so cute. It happened that we had some of all these in the fridge the other day, a very eggy situation. Sophie wanted to document this momentous eggtastic moment, and I agreed.

Here are her little hands, trying to show how much smaller the little eggs are compared to our chicken’s eggs.

Keeping chickens is totally easy, by the way.  If you like fresh eggs, I highly recommend it.

So that was the eggs before picture.  Here is the eggs after picture, or what we made with some of our eggs this morning:

Blueberry pancakes!  With faces!

Two blue eggs are in there, hiding, totally transformed by Paul’s culinary magic…

You can also see in the picture how ridiculously messy our table is, covered in a constant flux of art projects, meal-remains, mail, books, etc.  Life is full, what can I say.

A mess never stopped a kid from enjoying a pancake with a face, that’s for sure.

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