four lucisms, and a good one from paul

Paul started getting annoyed the other night at Luc who kept changing his mind about what he wanted to eat.  Finally Paul said, “Get over here and eat this or I’m going to whup you.”

Luc, with zero hesitation, growled back, “BRING IT ON.”  Little five year old guy with cherub cheeks and long blond hair, hands in fists, stomping towards his father with a ferocious, thrilled, look in his eyes.  Fearless.  I fell off my chair laughing.

You want a piece of me?

Then, later in the week, we’re getting ready to go to the dentist, and I, scattered as usual, am calling out instructions, searching for my glasses, my wallet, snack supplies, etc., while Luc plays legos in the middle of the floor, oblivious.  Finally I say, “Luc, we’re getting in the car to go the dentist.  I need you to come now!”

He answers in this friendly voice, “Okay, Mom, I’ve just got to get my battle-ax.”  And, indeed, he came out of the yurt with his battle-ax and a smile.  What exactly do you need a battle-ax for at the dentist, I’m not sure, but it seemed self-evident to him that it was a necessary item.

Speaking of legos, a new batch came in from the thrift store the other day—when you get legos from the thrift store, you never know what special pieces might be in there. In this case, it was a lego Dora.  I found him hitting Dora with a lego hammer.  “How’s it going there?” I asked.  “Oh, we’re going to build a cage to put her in, torture her, and then dip her in lava,” he said.  Sounded pretty happy about it, too.  He looks so cute, and then he says something like that.  Normal little boy?  Or budding psychopath?

Only time will tell.

Look at my muscles, Mom!

And finally, one from Paul, best comment I got all week about turning 40.  I was trying on my skinny jeans, looking in the mirror, thinking of how these jeans looked ten years ago, yes I had them ten years ago, and I asked that killer question, “What do you think?  Too much muffin top?”

To which Paul replied, “I’ve always thought the top was the best part of the muffin.”

Aw, thanks honey.

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  1. Ottawa Gardener

    Oops comment got swallowed. I hope this doesn’t post twice. Anyhow, I have a couple fierce little girls and I’m this annoying hug all nature type. I think my favourite photo of my eldest is her aiming a bow and arrow. I can tell she’s feeling it.

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