to goat or not to goat

I’m considering selling the goats.  I know, I know, it’s a tragedy.  I love my goats!  I adore the fresh milk, and, oddly, I enjoy the work of going out to the barn and feeding them, milking them, taking care of them…  They are so sweet and fun, if stubborn and absurd, but still, I really enjoy it.  So why am I thinking of selling them?

Well, it’s energy maybe I ought to use elsewhere.  I mean, there are tons of things I would enjoy doing, but I only have so much time, so I have to pick the most important items, right?  And maybe the hour+ of goat time a day, and the money for feed, maybe those would be better spent on something I care about even more. Maybe it’s time to prune my to do list of all but the top, most wonderful-est items.  Maybe keeping goats is a hobby I’m ready to let go of.

[Bottom lip sticking out] But I love my goats!

Okay, aside from the delicious milk, one of the reasons we got goats was as something cool for the kids to be a part of.  Which they have, especially Sophie, especially around the birthing of kids.  That has been great.  But, as with all things, goats are kind of old hat now.  Yesterday’s news.  Sophie still comes out to help take care of them sometimes, but not that often (true, it’s been cold lately).  Which is not to say that either Sophie or Luc might become re-ignited in their goatie interest.  Especially around kidding season.  But still, that only lasts a couple of months, and the rest of the year, they’re not that into it.  As an unschooling project, it might be done.

Also, with no goats, it would be a lot easier to go on trips, and now that Sophie and Luc are older, trips start to look more doable….

Jeez, I just don’t know.  I’d want my sweet goats to go somewhere good, preferably together, or at least the mommas and daughters staying together.  It seems so cruel to upset their goatie lives so profoundly just because of my convenience or loss of interest!

And my god the milk is so wonderful.  It would be sad to let that go.

But it might not be enough of a reason to keep them.

Arg!  I’m so conflicted!

3 thoughts on “to goat or not to goat

  1. Shannon

    Are you really asking for advice? Sounds like a mid-life crisis almost. Can’t say for sure as I have never personally gone through one. However, I was told myself by someone that before making any huge changes in your life. Give it a year if you can for serious consideration. That way you are sure of your decision.

    I could list all of the reasons for keeping the goats, not keeping the goats, but it sounds like you are already giving the physical, emotional, spiritual ramifications consideration.

    May you make the right decision for yourself and family.

    1. maya Post author

      Oh, of course. We’ve all been talking about it. Sophie Luc and Paul all have their reasons for and against keeping the goaties as well. It comes down to me because I’m the one who cares for them, but everyone is in on the discussion. No speedy decisions will be made. And, of course, if we sell the goats, we can always get more goats later. It’s not like the door would close forever. Although these particular sweeties would be gone on to their new lives. Still tossing it around. It’s a good time to decide, though, because it’s time to get one of them knocked up for next year’s milk. I don’t know if I want to do that if I’m going to sell them…


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