ground breaking day! again!

After a year+ of a building break, we are starting out next project: the bedroom.  At least, that’s what we call it.  There’s the yurt, the bathhouse, the Noah House, the tool shed, and soon, this new structure, built on the backside of the yurt, to house our king sized bed and some much needed closets…sounds like a bedroom to me.

I thought a quick retrospective was in order.

Ground breaking day for the yurt, back in April, 2005.  Paul and my uncle Jamie hand dug all forty something holes.  “Digging is kind of fun,” said Paul.  “It’s good exercise.  This is no big deal.”

Sophie, not yet two years old, agreed.

I adore this picture of Sophie and my other uncle, Spencer.  This was a week later, when they hand dug the foundation for the bathhouse.


Scoot ahead in time a couple of years to December 2007 and we have: hand digging the foundation for the tool shed!

We’ve got more laborers now.  What would we do without Sophie, and now Luc!

Oh my god, those kids are so CUTE.

“If I dig it by hand, I can just get it over with.  I don’t have to wait till we have the money to hire a machine,” said Paul.  My man, always practical.

Moving ahead to January 2009 and the Noah House….

We had already hired the carpentry crew to move the little house from its previous location (it’s a good story, if you haven’t read it, click the Noah House tag for the full story on recycling a tiny house), and they had a little earth mover so, “It’ll be faster and it’s part of what we’re paying them already…” said Paul.  “Besides, I’ve got all this stuff going on at work….”

“DIGGERS!” said the kids, ecstatic as they watched.  That don’t care, digging by hand or machine, it’s all good to them.

Moving ahead again, to today, 8 o’clock this morning:

[sound of birds chirping] That’s the backside of the yurt, a couple of trees downed to make room, some recycled cinder-blocks awaiting some creative re-purposing….

And boom, up-to-the-minute, this same spot, two hours later, right freaking now:

“Why don’t you hand dig it and save us $500?” I said.

“Hand digging sucks.  No way am I hand-digging another foundation. The only way that foundation is getting hand-dug is if you go out there with a shovel and dig it yourself,” answered Paul.

Um, okay.  Well.  That’s not going to happen.  Clearly Paul’s views on digging have changed over the years.  Building a house will do that to you.  So, anyway, we’re listening to BEEP BEEP BEEP rev roar vroom BEEP BEEP BEEP this morning.  Diggers are LOUD.

Building your house room by room is weird, I know, but bootstrapping is the way to go if you’re (1) wanting to use alternative building methods that banks don’t like, and (2) broke.

But it’s all so exciting though!  A bedroom!  Stay tuned for updates….

2 thoughts on “ground breaking day! again!

  1. Shannon

    LOL! Amazing our change in perspective in five years. This is fun to this sucks! Didn’t take that long.

    Actually that was a pretty good run come to think of it. 🙂

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