puppy walk

After an hour or two of hanging out, watching some tv and just being silly…

…it’s time for a walk.

Maybe I should call it a run?

Two of the best things in the world about having a puppy are (1) how silly they are when they play and (2) having them race towards you like you are the best thing in the world and they can’t wait to be in your arms. licking your face.

We’ve been going on several walks a day with Henry since we got him—has it already been two weeks?  We carry cheese or hotdogs in our pockets and when we call him, he comes running like gangbusters, practically vibrating with happiness.

Sometimes when we call him, we hide, so he has to find us to get his treat.  “Go find Sophie!”

We don’t make it too hard for him, though.  He’s only a little guy.

Even if we’re just hanging around in the woods, Henry RUNS.  Back and forth, over and around, circles and lines…

Being a puppy is hard work!

He only slows down to get his treats, haha, have I mentioned how much Henry loves walks?

Those cats won’t chase themselves, you know….

I’m not worried about Mochi, he just wants to chase her, not catch her.  When he gets to her, he stops and she whacks him on the nose and then walks away.  It’s pretty funny.

After all the excitement, it’s back to the warm yurt.

So far, having Henry around has been grand.  I highly recommend puppies for your general happiness and wellbeing.

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