I’m having a string of funny kid posts at the moment.  Enjoy, because next is probably a string of depressed writer posts, or how-to farm posts, and they are not nearly as amusing.  Of course, if I’m doing the farming, it can get pretty ridiculous pretty quickly.  But that’s another story.

Anyway, Luc, who recently turned 5, keeps saying cool, funny, surprising stuff today.  Over breakfast, I started writing a few of them down, because the stream flows by so quickly and my memory is so poor—I’m going to miss this stuff when he grows up and moves out (sob!).

A few samples:

Creative name calling: “You’re just a jello marshmallow stupidhead!”

Observations: “I think I know why you do corpse pose in yoga.  If you do yoga your whole life, then you die at the end, and you always do corpse pose at the end, so that’s when you die and that’s why you do corpse pose.”

Moves: When playing with our dog Henry, “Watch out, here comes an Ultimate T-Rex Puppy Smash!”

Connections made: Sophie, inventing a monster, says, “These monsters hunt on their own and have no families.”  Luc, interested, says, “So they have no belly buttons?”

Think about it.

Eating: “My scrambled eggs stomach is full. But my oatmeal cookie stomach is empty.”

Statistics: “The Meat Ball of Terror is the scariest monster, but the Sun-Eating Monster is bigger than everyone except Baby Poop Head, who has the most powers.”

Questions:  “Can I glue this to my face?”

Really, I could walk around taking down Lucisms all day, there are no shortage of them, but I have to go do the dishes.

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